✌ FREEME- ASTROLUX MF01 Mini 7*SST20 CRI95 26650 ANDÚRIL Flashlight Group Buy - $45.99

patiently waiting for copper and aluminium version :smiley:

its stated up to 6100, if it will reach that we dont know, but always take off like 20% of the lumens if u to go neutral and lower so a bit lower heat but not much… it will still get kinda hot on highest even on a WW emitters…

Heat will be the same. It should draw the same amps, just put out less lumens (typically speaking, it depends on led bin) Usually NW and WW have lower bin outputs, but 20% lower seems a bit too much. We really don’t know what led bins they will be using.

We probably won’t know until they are sold and tested.

But it’s not just NW vs WW. The 4000K is 95CRI whereas the 5000K is 70CRI. The lumen output will likely be 30+% lower on the 4000K version would be my guess.

Some people managed to drive the SST-20’s in their Fireflies E07 blue by using high drain 21700’s, hence the question. But I guess the 26650 Shockli will be fine.

if there will be no changeS in driver`s schematics when it will be 4300lm for sst 20 4000k. ~2.4 amps/led

There’s more than one bin and we don’t know which is being used. How are you predicting the amperage?

Are you aware those led tests are raw led, no optics?

Are you aware the light that measured 6100 lumen is actually rated at 5500 lumen? We don’t even know the time or temperature of the led when it was measured. We don’t know the rig used to measure it.

You know the output will change based on the battery used, right?

We don’t have anywhere near enough info to be making predictions, at least with any decent accuracy.

Maybe we can extrapolate some info based on the Fireflies E07. It seems to be pretty similar. There still might be differences in the driver. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about that light.

1. i shure they will use the most prevalent led bins but not high efficiency bins what are comparatively rare.
2. raw led, no optics=yes values of light loss in the integrative sphere and the optics are of the same order.
3. 6100 = max light according to the manufacturer’s measurments on COLD leds w/o battery drain limit. imho there is 2.3-2.6 amps/led.

of course we are talking about values with some approximation, I would say 8-10%. I think that the manufacturer himself does not know the values that will be in the mass product.

so anything over 5000 actual lumens is not bad right?

does anyone know if this is a standard production lens or is astralux placing an order to the manufacturer with their custom design?

Definitely not. Typical optics or reflector and lens means about a 20–25 loss in output compared to a raw led. Both use an integrating sphere so that is not a factor.

Did the MF01 Minis start shipping?
My sept 11 order is still “processing”…

BTW: the Al/Cu version looks gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

On the Banggood site, it said that the shipping date is going to be Sept. 29. Let’s hope it’s a firm date.

25% omg :cry: :cry: :cry: that is TERRIBLE! :person_facepalming:

I quit led flashlights. :weary: classics NOW!

P.S. aligned TIR lens + AR glass (real AR i mean) = 9-14% loss


Alu+Cu stock has arrived in warehouse today! Shipping will start after their National Day holiday period.

Will there be other LED options specifically the Cree XP-L Hi as on the Mateminco MT07?

any information about the lens? is it standard or custom design?

Why does high CRI seem to make them to run hotter ?

Well, since they are less efficient, less of them electrons are converted into photons, and therefore, more heat is released.

Isn’t it same heat, less output?