✌ FREEME- ASTROLUX MF01 Mini 7*SST20 CRI95 26650 ANDÚRIL Flashlight Group Buy - $45.99

but why?

What is the saturation time on aluminum? Because if it’s only 10-30 seconds it’s still not much by adding 37%

To get those particular emitters of course. MF01 mini seems to offer SST-20 only.

In a given volume, Copper holds about 40% more heat, it’s 3.3 times heavier than Aluminum. But that’s not 40% more run time, it’s longer. You now have 40% more time to bleed out that heat before it hits that too hot level. Given that heat input stays the same you start to get a curve on run time efficiency allowing an even longer run time. In my experience with Copper lights you get about twice the turbo run time.

I just feel that this isn’t designed as an efficient heat sink to begin with, and that “bleed out” is nearly nonexistent. I’ve played with numerous CPU heat sink and sorts, copper is good only if you are able to remove the heat (bleed out or forced induction with a fan or something). That’s just my experience, I would love to be wrong on not accounting something here tho.

anyone gets the link to Mateminco version?

We can’t post a link since this thread is a Freeme Group Buy.

You can find them with a basic Google search.

okok of course accept:)

ok thats weird that astrolux version only gets sst20 emitters??

I will do another outdoor beamshot video together with other recently launched lights.


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It’s not that weird, happens all the time. Who knows, Astrolux might offer xpl-hi as well. Maybe not now, but later.

How many max lumens should each of the different tints be able to produce on turbo?

I assume the 6500k model put up 6100 max lumens, am I right?

Relative to the sst-20 6500k, how do the 4000k and 5000k emitters compare, as far as max brightness and heat are concerned?

Interested, please send me the GB code. THX.

patiently waiting for copper and aluminium version :smiley:

its stated up to 6100, if it will reach that we dont know, but always take off like 20% of the lumens if u to go neutral and lower so a bit lower heat but not much… it will still get kinda hot on highest even on a WW emitters…

Heat will be the same. It should draw the same amps, just put out less lumens (typically speaking, it depends on led bin) Usually NW and WW have lower bin outputs, but 20% lower seems a bit too much. We really don’t know what led bins they will be using.

We probably won’t know until they are sold and tested.

But it’s not just NW vs WW. The 4000K is 95CRI whereas the 5000K is 70CRI. The lumen output will likely be 30+% lower on the 4000K version would be my guess.

Some people managed to drive the SST-20’s in their Fireflies E07 blue by using high drain 21700’s, hence the question. But I guess the 26650 Shockli will be fine.

if there will be no changeS in driver`s schematics when it will be 4300lm for sst 20 4000k. ~2.4 amps/led