✌ FREEME- ASTROLUX MF01 Mini 7*SST20 CRI95 26650 ANDÚRIL Flashlight Group Buy - $45.99

Idk if the slight increase in turbo time is worth the weight tbh

ok, accepted. sorry, i forgot that 6061-T6 density is 2.7 g/cm³ but not 3.4 g/cm³. i.e. you will have about + 25-37% work time in high power mode.

what is the price? where to purchase ?

I think the price is 44-46$US with a coupon, from Banggood.

Request PM for 44$US price to member freeme

Dang. Too bad the optic won’t work with LH351d.

iam blind or late-the copper version is already made?thanks…

Alu+Cu version will be available in a few weeks time.

that’s a bummer, no true moonlight then

Banggood have some cheap 2XShockli IMR 26650 3.7V 5500mah on offer!!! :smiley:

I edited it for comprehension, sorry.

If your in the US, here’s a reputable distributor Shockli 26650 IMR 5500mAh
I’ll be ordering mine from there. All they have is flat top but it appears thats what’s used with this light.

What? Why would you think this? Of course it has a true moonlight.

The SST-20 4000k is mile better in terms of color reproduction and tint, but suffers in efficiency due to the 95CRI rating.

[quote=JasonWW What? Why would you think this? Of course it has a true moonlight.[/quote]

Read now it has a triple channel driver, another advantage over the FF E07.

The Alu with copper head model looks fantastic :+1:

Convinced. Since it uses the supposedly nice/acceptable tinted FA3 tint I hope swapping three leds to supposedly slightly rosy 2700K SST-20’s will result in neutral tinted soft warm ~3500K light.

But does it have the manual mode memory feature? :exclamation:

Just make sure you match the Vf of the different colour temp LED’s. I also had that in mind seeing that I have a few 2700K JA3 with VH Vf bin.

Does anyone know the Vf bin of the 4000K SST-20’s in the MF01 Mini?

I just preordered one in black, 4000K.

Looks like a very nice light.

Best battery for this light that wil not fry the leds?

I cancel the preorder and go for Mateminco MT07 with XPL-HI 5000K. :wink:

Has there been any word about when these will ship?

There is no battery that will fry the LEDs, so you are safe there.
There is no “best” battery. I say this all the time. What are you looking for? The highest output to measure? If so, you can use a Samsung 30T very high drain cell, but only 3000mah.
Do you want the highest capacity even though it’s not the brightest? One of the PLB 5500mah based cells is a good choice.

See my earlier post and search the thread since we have talked a lot about batteries already.