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I have a trimmer that spins freely like some others. Is it supposed to do that? My low trimmer originally was stopping until it didn’t a few minutes into tinkering…

As was mentioned earlier, there is not much you can due about the battery inaccuracy. Just remember it reads about 0.15v too low.

About the thermal setting, first make sure it’s reading room temperature accurately.

I’m not sure I understand what your saying about the different step downs. I know that above a certain brightness level the step down can be more aggressive (panic mode). Below that level, it’s more conservative.

Yes i checked the temperature ot the flashlight with laser thermometer and it should be correct. The max ramp is about 2000lm 20 steps below 150. So in max ramp it starts to step-down rapidly to about 500lm. When i go to full turbo wich i measured about 4600lm it is more steady and it reaches above 60°Celsius, in max ramp it goes to maybe maximum of 45° Celsius. If you can check is this the case with your unit or it is something just with mine. In my other anduril flashlights at 2000 2800lm they can sustain this for at least 5 minutes or more but here it’s not that case.

I wasnt here longer… Any problems with this light?

That may not be accurate. The sensor is built into the driver, not on the exterior of the light. Heat can stay trapped inside the light long after the exterior is cool. The only way I know for sure is to let the light cool to room temperature at least an hour if it has been warmed up. I typically let it sit overnight then I check what temperature it blinks compared to room temp.

The reason it might be getting hotter on Turbo is due to thermal lag. It takes a bit longer for the heat to travel from the led to the sensor than it does from the led to the exterior. So the heat gets to the sensor slower.

At full ramp you have less heat so it travels a little slower. It may reach the sensor with less lag and start reducing power sooner.

If you have the max temp set to 60* and the internal temp is set accurately then I’m not sure why it starts ramping down at 45* at full ramp. Lower power settings tend to be more accurate. The thermal lag is why the upper power levels have a panic mode. If it senses a quick rise in temperature it cuts a lot of power so as to try and prevent it shooting way past the set max temp.

I don’t have a MF01 mini, my only Anduril light is an FW3A. :confounded:

The only thing I can tell you is to choose which situation is more important and then reset the max temp for that. For example, setting full ramp to stepdown at actual 60* exterior (raise the limit to 75**) might make the Turbo temp go up as well to maybe 75**. Maybe set it somewhere in between? Keep in mind the light can easily handle 100*+ temps, the thermal stepdown is just there for the user to not burn themselves.

You only need to turn it slightly to raise or lower brightness. I doubt you will need to go to the trimmer limits. Is it broke? If it still works, I would not worry about it spinning freely as that makes no difference.

No problems. Just be aware the 5500 lumen rating is only for the CW. The warmer tints have less output (common with most lights). Some say the 5000K is a bit green at low levels. That’s all I can think of. Most reviews are very positive.

I’m not really sure if it’s broken or not. The high and low trimmers never seemed to turn anything on when I tinkered with them. Maybe they are battery indicators that only turn on at certain battery levels?

I got a reply from Mateminco regarding the swap from SST-20 to XPL-HI.


Quote from Mateminco’s message on Aliexpress:

“Hi, size between SST-20 and XPL HI is different. XPL HI needs 3mm deeper body host head. so i don’t think it will work”

In case some of you are also thinking in changing the MCPCB to another led.

Woah! They are not supposed to turn anything on. They just adjust the brightness level a little up or down. It has to be on in the first place.

Let me check,
Low is red
High is green
D1 is blue
D2 is pink

Yes, High is the green led and it is for “high” battery voltage 3.9v to 4.2v.

Low is the red led and it is for “low” battery voltage below 3.3v.

The voltage sensor built into the Aux board will turn them on or off, the trimmers are just to adjust their brightness levels.


Start sanding down the bottom of that TIR lens. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, Rather sell it and get me the XPL-Hi one…

Anyone knows what specific tint are they using on the 5000k XPL Hi? (3A, 3B, 3C, 3D)

I just noticed that there are no XPL-Hi version for the aluminum MF01 Minis, only Mateminco sell them?

Freeme, will Astrolux offer this version soon?

I did notice XPL HI was only on the brass/copper for the Astrolux version, but is on all Mateminco models. Can’t complain; at least there’s options.

2 out of 4 SST20-4000Ks have a slightly whiter tint than my other 2. Not as white as the 5000k by far. Those 2 heat up faster as well. Same batteries. They were ordered at once w/o expedited shipping. In green and grey tube colors. Not sure what’s going on.

Tint and bin lottery?

Hi again. I made precise measurements this time in different situations so i am absolutely shure that the temperature sensor is set correctly it sat all night and checked with laser thermometer. On max ramp it just steps down in 10 seconds it reaches 30° inside. when i double click on turbo everything works as it should it stays with very slight step-down on more than 3000lm for 3 to 5 minutes reaching abive 60°. I played with it and in every situation in ramping it starts to step-down immediately no matter what lumen value, it steps down on 3000lm and in 1300lm equal. There is no issue with setting i have a lot anduril lights they all wait to get max temperature limits to start to step down, here it happens only in turbo mode in every other stage of ramping it immediately hits rock bottom. If smoen have the time it is easy to check this with a lux meter app on the phone with ceiling bounce. Am i only one who have this issue with MF01 MINI.

Yeah, it goes super bright then dives off a cliff. This is an uncalibrated light, though.

I’m going to flash the newest Anduril to it soon and see how it goes.

Jist to ad something wich is weird , when the battery is below 3.7V there is no longer rapid step-down in the same lumens i tried it with 1800lm i put new battery 4.2v and ramp to 1800lm and the flashlight rapidly stepped down, then i put battery at 3.7v and ramp to 1800lm and it holds for minutes with slight fluctuations (the batteries are the same) i don’t what is happening and why, if someone have the knowledge to answer I’ll be happy.

Man, that is a strange one. Toykeeper is the only one that might know why the voltage effects the step down.