✌ FREEME- ASTROLUX MF01 Mini 7*SST20 CRI95 26650 ANDÚRIL Flashlight Group Buy - $45.99

Finally received my gun gray 4000K but haven’t played with it yet except i can confirm the battery check reads 0.15-0.20V low.

The fully charged 26650 reads 4.17V on an Opus BT-C3100 and my DMM but the MF01 Mini blinks 4 - 0.

Will LVP kick-in early then?

Specs for XPL-HI ? Or comparative XPL-HI vs SST20 ? :slight_smile:

I know for certain this question has been asked several times by several users. And there hasn’t been a response to the question. The question is will Astrolux make the aluminum version in XPL-HI? Freeme or someone affiliated with Astrolux please answer the question? Had it been offered the first go around surely sales would have increased by a large margin. In my opinion nothing compares to the XPL-HI in 4000k to 3000k tint when figuring in color and output. And for some reason every company is offering anything else but that. I don’t get it. Please someone answer the above question!

Astrolux is Banggoods brand name. A few manufacturers put that logo on their product to be sold exclusively at Banggood as an Astrolux. Banggood is evidently not buying the more expensive version for their banner. Mateminco makes these lights and sells them with the XPL-Hi on other sites as a Mateminco.

How do we purchase a Mateminco? Thank you for explaining that to me.

Is their a holster accessory that fits this light nicely? I got one for my MF01S.

It really depends on the model. Some models are sold on Amazon, Neal’s Gadgets, Aliexpress, Taobao, etc… Of course you won’t get the discounted price that Freeme provides.

good morning everybody,

it take almost ten minutes to make my MF01 mini a lot better with some centimeters of green fluorescent tape (4 mm wide) in the inside perimeter of the head. The light was not glued at all…

And side by side with DQG 26650…

Ok, I know that the outer color is green, the tint is green and the fluorescent is green… :confounded: :confounded: :confounded:

Nice work, panagis. I will try that on some of my TIR lens lights as well.

Could someone please measure the diameter of the optic and the MCPCB?

I’m going to order some at the Aliexpress Mateminco store for 5.5$ the MCPCB and 3$ the optic. So I need to know which of my flashlights they will fit into.

Could you please give me link for that aliexpress store that sells them? I might buy some too.

I don’t think it would be right to post other store links in Freeme’s thread. Just go to Aliexpress and type in mateminco. Click on one of the lights, then scroll down and click the store link.

Maybe Skylight can PM you the exact link or post the store name.

Edit: Looks like Freeme is okay with it. :+1:


^ Thanks Freeme for posting the store link. There is only one Mateminco store on AE. The owner is very helpful and will most likely sell you every part of Mateminco flashlights you could imagine.

Anyone find the MCPCB listed? I couldn't find it.

It is not listed in the store. You need to contact the seller and ask for it. You have to pay shipping for shipping separately if you don’t buy it with a flashlight.

Right, that didnt occur to me. Thank you for the link freeme.

Any Idea where to buy spare driver boards for modding? I tried Mateminco but they offered to sell me one at 22$ + 11.5$ shipping. 33.5$ seems kinda lot.

Try Lexel. He designed the driver and offers many types for sale. If he has one it wont be cheap. Its at least a $20-$25 driver.

I have exactly the same issue, it’s not critical, but can anyone answer the following question?

He doesnt, I asked him few days ago. He was very helpful, pointed out that they changed the mosfet, inductor and maybe even the diode (he couldnt say from picture) in his original design for cheaper alternatives. So thats why the voltage measurement is so off on some of them. Those chinasium components they used instead of those he recommended have poor tolerances. He gave me few good pointers on how to change the firmware to compansate for it. But I wanted to buy a new driver, flash that one and once evrything is well calibrated swap it in the flashlight.