Fresh Out of the Envelope Impressions . . . Ultra Fire UF-980L

Troop when my driver burned out I took one out of the Manafont Ultrafire 3 mode drop in and it was exactly the same driver.

IvoC first off welcome to BLF, second thing is you might burn the emitter but I kind of doubt it. The two failures I have heard of so far is my failed driver and one emitter melting, if you have another battery i would use it why risk ruining such a nice light. If you have a DMM take some tail cap readings with that Panasonic with a fresh charge and if it isn't over 4 amps you should be OK.

I have several MF 3-mode XM-L's and they don't pull anywhere near 4A at the tailcap. Wonder what the difference is?


Mostly Vf, that and a p60 spring probably doesn't contact as well as a screwed in pill.

DD is the reason I didn't get this light. It sound really good on the outside, but they just used the most cut rate drive method possible inside.

Welcome to BLF, IvoC my friend!

Thanks twice, E1320, for welcome and for suggestions! I'll try with DMM very carefully.

REgards IvoC

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I'm a litle sad and I can't believe, my UF980 draw 4.5A - 5A (it's not stabile)


I have found somewhere on NET (sorry, I have forgotten where) data and made linear graphs LUMENs = f(AMPs):

Regards IvoC

Yeah, that's the problem w/ unregulated lights. Kind of a bit disappointing these look great on the outside but use such primitive internals. The trustfire X8 is only $50, and IMO a much better deal since it does regulate which you want for a light of this price.

That second graph is a bit misleading w/o zeros on the axis. After 3A the returns are abysmal. ~10% increase for 33% increase in power.

I wrote,

the data are taken somewhere from NET, I have only made the electronic graphs, linear on abscissa, a small application using FoxPro 9.

I do know, the currents above 3 AMPs are abysmal, but many don't, there are many believing 1200 LUMENs can be trusted.

Zeros on X-axis? They are not quite abysmal! If there is a value 3.2, why not 4.0? It's only point on numbers of decimals not on accuracy!

If you're curious, match did a nice test setup up to 5A on xml's over here.

:P if you want to put those three graphs together and stick it up on the wiki somewhere, I'd love to see it.

O yes, I see now I have "stolen" the data of XML-T6 from match! The MATCHs graphs are OK, aren't they?

Click on NEXT (Page 2)!

BTW: Did you realy not notice MouseOver like #13 or it does't function? It do by me, nice like #13 !

Not accusing you of anything, and if it came out that way, I'm sorry. Data for XML up to 3A is available in the spec sheets from cree directly, so it could honestly have come from anywhere. I just pointed out match's info in case you were curious about xml performance above the 3A hump

Match's graphs are good... I just had the sudden thought 'hey, wouldn't it be kind of cool to be able to directly compare the performance of multiple emitter types on a single graph, say MCE in blue, XML in red, etc'.

Edit: my bad. I thought your graph topped out at 3A for some reason. Looking back, you ran all the way up to 5. D'oh!

Hi Devman,

It's a good idea and I'll do as you suggest some day today. I thought all the people "do venerate" XML-T6 so as I do. Of course I'm wrong.

I must change a piece of code in the application because all three graphs doesn't end at the same point on abscissa.

Be patient please

Regards IvoC

My comments:

to graph ...02_24:
Missed values (XMLT6 not measured by MATCH) on abscissa are "imagined" (interpolated to reach the "nice" courve).

Courves are not "perfect". There are more possibilities. Maybe the emiter has the anomaly at some points.

Generally I see XML-T6 far the best!

Thanks Ivoc! You just satisfied my random curiosity in the best way. :P

Anybody know of an OP reflector that fits this? Heck, I’ll settle for a spare SMO one and make it OP myself.

Ive got mine apart waiting on a neutral XM-L and have a NANJG 105c waiting to go in it. An OP reflector would be icing on the cake. I don't need THAT much throw.