FS: XML2 XPG2 XPL XPL HI MTG2 XHP50/70 Components + Extras inc. mod service RE-DESIGNED

Hi James3,

nice to see a UK-offer, but I recommend truly specifying the tint.

6500-7000K is a colour temperature, not the tint cree specifies. 6500-7000K consists of different tints (1R, 1A, 1B, 1S). Some of them are nice, others I will never ever put into a flashlight, unless threatened with decapitation… So it would be nice to know which tint you offer. See picture below to see what I’m talking about.

Yes I know, I put down the K number because it seems easier to me for people to understand, i can put down the tint type if needed, it is also easier to understand after de dome, eg. 6500-7000K de domed becomes say 5500-6000K whereas it would be hard to predict the tint number.

I will add them in if it helps people though, having both can’t hurt!

I understand the difficulty to specify the tint after dedoming.
But in factory state the tint is definitely more significant.
Best regards

Yes I do understand your point, but most people do go for de-dome when they purchase from me, probably 90%

So if I say XLM2 T6-0D, it won’t be that tint after de dome, I find it easier using temperature anyway. So I assumed other people would.

But I’ve updated to include the tint numbers :slight_smile:

2 more offers left to claim from post #19

Still 2 left guys! If you buy 5 de domed emitters you save £10!

I’m going away in 2 weeks for 5 weeks so I will not be doing any orders after 15/08/14 until roughly 23/09/14!


XP-L now available!
I’ve got 9 in stock ready to send!


OI! Say what now?

Well the next giveaway may be worldwide! :wink:
That’s if the orders keep coming in, there lagging a bit lately!
Hopefully with XP-L now available there will be more interest

Okay, so the original tints have been added to the OP, but can anyone give a clue about expected tint shift for de-doming? I’ve read that it usually gets warmer and shifts toward green, but how much of each is expected? One block? Two? I’m trying to learn about tints, as I’ve never really bothered to know. Until I joined BLF, all I knew were WW, NW, CW. Now, there’s this whole spectrum graph and I haven’t a clue! But, I have “an XML2 dedomed 5000-5500K on 20mm noctigon MCPCB” coming to me from the GAW here (thanks James, I’ll update when it gets here) and for reference, I’d like to know what the tint should now look like. OP now says the 5000-5500K XM-L2 is a T6-3B. What should I expect to see?

The tint goes warmer yes, it’s not an exact science, ie. I could de dome identical emitters and both might have slightly different tints, but both will be warmer than the original tint, the tint can go blue if the phosphor layer is removed whilst de-doming.
I’ve noticed green tints when the emitter is driven at lower Amps when the emitter is driven hard the tint restores to the right tint.

In simple terms I go for after de dome are:

Cool white = neutral white
Neutral white = warm white
Warm white = extra warm white
Etc etc
Basically drops a “category”

I’d say at a guess the de dome loses 1000-1500K maybe
So 6500-7000K becomes 5500-6000K

I’ve sent you a de domed 5000-5500K emitter T6-3B ( as I said in an earlier post I don’t go off this it use colour temperature {K})
So in theory the tint will drop from neutral to warm as a rough guide, (5000-5500K to 4000-4500K) if you want a neutral white tint after de dome then you go for a cool white emitter, make sense?

I don’t like going into technical words and I like to keep it simple so I hope that’s helped?


It came in the mail today! Well packed, de-domed, and everything as promised. I briefly put power to it to make sure it was not DOA. It fired up, and to my untrained eye, it looked a little yellow (warm). Thanks for the explanation of tint shift. I had read that it would shift to a warmer light, but didn’t know how much.

When I get nailed down to what exactly I’m gonna do with it (thinking of modding my 2D Mag-Lite) I will do a build thread for all the world to see (Yes, that will be another first for me - Woo-hoo!) But for now, I’m happy. I had an XM-L2 already that I’d bought and wondered what de-doming would do to the light output, but was unwilling to try it myself. This way, I don’t have to, and I can compare them side-by-side as well. Thanks again, James. And thanks to all my loyal fans who made this possible. Oh wait, I don’t have any of those. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m Glad you like it David :slight_smile: yes non of the LEDs should be DOA on arrival because I thoroughly test each individual led.
You’ll probably see with yours that it’s quite a warm tint, light output wise there will be less lumens after de dome but more lux so to the eye it will look brighter and have a more concentrated beam and further throw, the warm colour will look good in a mag-lite, but if you want a cooler tint you know where to come :wink:

To people who don’t know what de-doming does, I describe it as like shining a light through a glass/vase, the light on the other side will come out ‘distorted’ if you take away the glass/vase the light will come out cleaner and more concentrated, obviously the glass/vase would be the dome of the led, I don’t know if that helped anyone but that’s how I see it!

But let me know how your build goes, and post some pics on this thread, I’d love to see how it goes and what type of things my leds end up in!

I ‘knew’ it wouldn’t be DOA, but I wanted to check it just to confirm for anyone who might be listening in. Discerning buyers always want to know these things and would think it strange if I praised the merits of the LED without having tested it at all. Plus, I just wanted to see it shine. It will be a little while before this goes into anything, because I have other projects I’m working on. But, I will keep you posted. And I may very well get some cooler tinted LED’s from you in the future. I prefer the range from NW to CW for most things. But, there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with a little warmer light from time to time. :wink:

Sorry yes was just stating that I’m not a big manufacturer and that I check each and every one before I send, unlike some big companies :slight_smile: I do appreciate you telling others about my work! Positive feedback is always good, Yes keep me posted as I said I’d love to see pictures of the finished build and let me know if you need any more emitters!


Guys last day for introductory offer de dome!

Also, would people be interested in me offering de-domed emitters on the standard aluminium boards? Obviously at a cheaper price?

Edit: Aluminium XML2 16/20mm = £3.00
Aluminium XPG2 16/20mm= £2.00

£6.00 all in for XML2 de dome aluminium vs £8.00 noctigon
£5.00 all in for XPG2 de dome aluminium vs £7.00 noctigon

Giveaway coming up soon :wink:

Last day for orders will be Friday 15th august,until mid September.