FS: XML2 XPG2 XPL XPL HI MTG2 XHP50/70 Components + Extras inc. mod service RE-DESIGNED

I’ve added de domed price in as default, let me know if you don’t want the emitters de domed.

Guys as you know I’m going away on Friday, I want to do a giveaway before I go, something different from last time though, last time I just gave it away to the first person who commented, I want to make it a bit more fun this time, any ideas appreciated maybe a little contest? It will only be a short one finishing Thursday morning UK time. I don’t know what it will be yet, couple of emitters maybe.

Give away to the first BLF UK member with the letters S E X in his user name :bigsmile:

Nice try :wink:

Now offering P60 lead heat sinks as in the picture below, made of lead, work great for heat management, can be sanded down for the beefier drivers.

£2 each


Last day for orders until mid september!

Well i see not many people want a free giveaway, if no interest ? i’ll like to take the giveaway :bigsmile:

i am trying new things, i just bought a fet blf17dd driver, so why not try a dedomed led now ?

I'm curious as to why lead? It has a very low thermal conductivity compared to other metals.

There’s been no ideas yet for a giveaway, last time I just gave an emitter away to the first person who claimed it, I want to do something different this time.

It’s quick cheap and easy to cast and it is only being used in p60 dropins there for most likely a ‘small’ light anyway that will only need a bit of extra heat sinking, they are obviously not good for an mtg2 dropin or similar.

It’s basically just a cheap option for someone who needs that little bit extra, without having the expense of getting a copper one casted.

Well might give it to the last of a certain word before a certain time ?

Or let someone do a review of the same type domed and de-domed led ? (for example, i can do macro shots of the led, and take gray card balanced pics of the color change between the domed and de-domed led, with neutral daylight as balance )

Okay, I was gonna stay outta this, as I still owe James a build thread from the last GAW. But, I just thought I’d check in to suggest a GAW idea. How about you get people to tell you their cleverest use of a LED emitter (whether in a flashlight or not) and you either choose the one you like most, or put it up to a vote or something.

I’m quite liking the idea of a review, maybe a video review from unboxing then on the emitters, or if not video then a photo review? As mentioned by Lanwolf the macro and grey balance would be a good idea? Any thoughts?

I think a thorough review would be a great idea, but how to use that for a GAW? Choosing randomly wouldn’t insure a proper review would take place. You could do as others have done recently - take a vote.

Review it is! (In depth Video or photo review) How do the votes work? I’ve not seen that?

If there’s no one to claim the review giveaway it will be put on hold until mid September!

I’d love to do a photo review. I’m a long time photographer, mostly nature. (That also incuedes macro photography (most used equiment at the moment are canon 6d, 24-70, and 50mm)

Have you done any reviews/photographs on flashlights/components before?

Haven’t done flashlight reviews, nor photographs on flashlights.

You can although see my writing style and find snapshots i made with my iphone in Here (my first build) (yes there are some badly focussed pics too, but that didn’t matter, it showed the essence) and over here at cpf , and some more pics of baked flashlight later on. All taken with iPhone.

Most pictures i post on forums, are made with my iphone, for a (photo)review of course i would use my canon in the studio (or take it to my workbench)


I’d like to a De-Domed XML2: 6500-7000K T6-0D 16mm board £8.00 +4.5 shipping

Would you PM me when you are back from vacation?