FT03 Programming Help - Cannot Get it, I give up!

I cannot find out how to program this driver. The instructions do not make sense. Does anyone have a video on it? I cannot find an actual tutorial on it.
I want to access the momentary feature.

I’ve accidentally done it in the past, but have forgotten. Or it was accidental.

This is crazy. I can’t believe you guys love this nebulous driver

Funny, I just picked up my xhp50 version two days ago and found that I needed to spend a half hour two “relearn” how to program the damn driver,

First- hold the button. If your in ramping it’ll start blinking in 3-5 seconds , if your in stepped it’ll start blinking in 15-18 seconds I believe.

Once it blinks rapidly, it’ll blink once, then rapidly, then two independent blinks, then rapidly, the three independent blinks, etc. This is where you make your first “settings ” decision (like ramp or stepped, strobe on or off, turbo timer, moonlight, etc…) I found that you click your sel3ction in after the rapid blinks during the “independent ” blinks I just mentioned. Also I noticed, I really have push the button because it doesn’t always register if I try to quickly push the button.

I will admit, I could program most of what I needed to (like I switched from stepped to ramp), and I also got moonlight selected. But for the life of me I couldn’t get strobe turned off. I gave up after 10 minutes of trying to select “off” on selection #4 I believe, the strobe on/off selection. It wouldn’t turn it off.

Anyway, good luck, I may be able to help more. What are you trying to program? Turbo? Stepped? Ramp? Something else?

And I agree, I REALLY wish they put Anduril I all of the ft03 options… epic fail IMO.

I just want the momentary feature. I got it to go to the stepped mode group. But I can’t recognize any actually number of blinks very well.

I keep locking it out

Any actual help here? I am more lost than ever.

From Bangood

You tube video


This: https://zeroair.org/2019/04/13/astrolux-ft03-luminus-sst40-flashlight-review/#User_Interface_and_Operation

The instructions don’t help. And now I can’t get out of 100% only. I found out how to get into one-mode, which is nice. But I want momentary.

None of these tutorials really seem to apply to mine.

This has consumed my night. This UI is terrible. Utterly terrible.

I’m officially giving up. I have it in 100%. That will have to be good enough. No flashlight should be this complicated.

Mine’s in ramping mode, 5 clicks from off gives momentary at full brightness.
(You’ll need to disconnect power with a twist of the tail cap to come out of momentary, which makes sense cos if it was done with the button one could accidentally coming out of momentary mid-way through any signaling).

Deleted my post, in case anyone saw it and wonders. Tried it now - Marc E is right, it even works in stepless ramping mode.


Yes! Found out in ramping mode a simple five clicks puts it into momentary (thanks to JASONWW20 for that). I will keep playing with it, but it’s still quite a bear to manipulate.

To me , using Andruil is like trying to use a computer without a monitor. Thats why I keep all my Anduil lights default.

Ditto mate! :+1: