GB 351D closed.

Thanks for the measurements! I have a sheet of 804 at home, as soon as these arrive I’ll make good use of it. By the way, does anybody know where to get some good optical glue?

I’m interested in a few myself.

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Also thank you for offering these in low quantities for such low prices!

Actually I simply found strange good shop in nearby with extremely low price where “wholesale” means >35$ ))\_t&hl=ru&ie=UTF-8&


So if someone will be interested in something else (not 351D) it is posible to order too.

Well, still, you’re doing the work ;).

Thats interesting. Is there a version of this LED with a smaller (1mm^2) die, like the Cree XP-E and Nichia NCSL219B?

Yes 351B max current is 1.5A.
There is also 351C max current 2A. But I dont know chip dimensions.

I’m not sure. The die seems a bit bigger compared to that of the XP-E2, but everything else (max current etc.) is the same. Unfortunately they only have the 90CRI version with ~3000K.

You are right
xpg and 351B (90cri 3000K)

The shop I used has >400 in stock . I ’ll make order next week , and I hope I will reseived it at 16.04

I just picked mine up at the post office. If time allows I will check one in a flashlight. I’m very curious about the beam profile!

Thanks again for making them available AEDe!

That LH351B looks quite good too imho. According to datasheet its flux bin can be F1 (90 - 100lm), G1 (100 - 110lm) or H1 (110 - 120lm). Which one is it? This translates into 297 - 330, 330 - 363 and 363 - 396 lumen ranges at maximum specified driving current (1.5A, 3.3x multiplier). If dedomed should be perfect for throwy small flashlights with high quality output.

By the way, do these (LH351B/D) feature bond wires? I'll try super fine grit sandpaper dedoming with them.


I swapped the led in a Sofirn SP33 for the 4000K 90+CRI Samsung LH351D, and I’m in love with this led. Texas Ace already showed with a 5000K low CRI version that this led has great output and can handle a lot of current, I can confirm what maukka found: this 4000K 90 CRI version has a very good tint (and colour rendering of course), and it behaves absolutely fine in a smooth reflector.

So I swapped the led, I bypassed some springs and fiddled with the current sense resistors, and now my SP33 puts out 950 lumen OTF at 3.8A current, which is quite an achievement with light of this quality.

I’m almost convinced to swap these leds into my Q8.

Edit: interested in 10 more :slight_smile:

Interested in five of these.

D2VAH1 2.6-2.8V , Bin H1 ,tint VA

i would like 10 of these, thanks

List updated.

I’ll take 10 more as well.

Interested in atleast 5

Interested in 6 LED’s.

Thanks for doing this :+1: