GB 351D closed.

*Upd. 24.11
LEDs are in stock:
1)351D 5000K 90cri tint F2R1S2 SOLD OUT
2)351B 3000K 90cri tint D2V7H1 35pcs 0.5$
3)351B 3000K 90cri tint D2VAJ1 SOLD OUT

6$ worldwide registred post. *

Exact bin and tint can be found at datasheet. 351D 351B p.6 , 10

upd 9 November.

According last info 351D 5000K 90cri will be available at the end of November.
My sectrophotometer said previous batch of 351D 4000K 90cri was T=4080K Duv=0.0027 . New batch T=3930 Duv=0.004 .

  • So new batch is a more greenish and warmer.* So be careful )
    351B still available.

Current interest list for 351D 4000K 90cri (D49 for short)
And 351D 5000k 90cri (D59)

1)BingoThink (D49 10)
2)Caleb (D49 20) , D59 20
3)joechina D49 10
5)d_t_a D49 ?
7)adam7027 D59 20
9)Nagonka (D49 10), D59 10
10)Madtoffel D59 6
11)Chatika vas Paus D59 11 B28 5
12)Anthon D59 10
13)steel_1024 D59 20
14Kit Latura D59 8
15)Phlogiston D59 6
16)Bob_McBob D49 50
17)Jerommel D49 4 ,D59 6 , B39 4
18)Satan@103TFS D57 6, D59 4
19)Lux-Perpetua D59 12
20)Niko D59 100
21)ledoman D59 16, D49 12

Upd. 10.07
351B 3000K 90cri .Sold out Price
1-49 0.55$/pcs
>50 0.50$/pcs (including PP fee)
351D 4000K 90cri Sold out.
1-19. 1.7$/pcs
20-49 1.6$/pcs
>49 1.5$/pcs
351D 5000K 70cri sold out
1-19. 1.7$/pcs
20-49 1.6$/pcs
>49 1.5$/pcs
Shipping 5$
All prices are include PP fee.

Interest list
*1)moderator007 10 351D 4000k
+2)Hoop 6* 351D 4000K
W3)alifpb98 16* 351D 4000k

+5)Agro 351D 5000K 12pcs, 4000K 4pcs
7)vinte77 4 351B 6 351D 4000K
+8)Ratus 351B 3000 25 pcs 351D 4000K 20pcs
*9)adam7027 50pcs 351D 4000K
*11)SKV89 351D 4000k 25pcs + 5 351B
+12)Barkuti 10pcs 351D 4000K 10*351B
+13)cu42 10pcs 351d 4000K , 4pcs 351B 3000K
+14)FBsLights 10pcs 351D 4000K
+15)Chatika vas Paus .13pcs LH351*D* 4000k 90cri and 5pcs 351*B* 3000k 90cri.
16)deus1ex 4pcs 351d 4000K 5pcs 351B
+17)Billy X 6pcs 351D 4000k
+18)staticx57. 8pcs 351D 4000
+19)BlueSwordM. 8pcs 351D 4000
+20)hiker89 10x LH351D 4000K CRI90
+21)marcus_z 10x LH315D 4000k
+22)tkd15 12x LH351D 4000K 90cri and 4x LH351B 3000k 90cri
*23)electricjelly 20 × 351B 3000K 90cri 7 × 351D 4000K 90cri
+24)skinny_tie 10 × 351B 3000K and 10 × 351D 4000K
+25)tocirahl 10 × 351D 4000K
+26)Pezo 8× 4000k 90CRI
+27)eas 10× 4000k 90CRI LH351d 10× 3000K 90CRI LH351b
+28)F.i.l.a.s 10× 351B 3000K 90cri, 12× 351D 4000K 90cri
*29)KevinZA1988 10 351B + 10 351D 4000K
+30)joechina 8x Samsung LH351B 3000K and 8x Samsung LH351D 4000K 2x Samsung LH251D 5000K
+31)k-wong 10 × 4000k 90CRI LH351D, 10 × 3000K 90CRI LH351B
+32)Nicolicous 10*351B 8 × 4000k 90CRI LH351D
P33)tindrum42 25× 4000k 90CRI LH351d & 50× 3000K 90CRI LH351b
+34)spaceminions 8*351d 4000k
+35)X3 10 351D 4000
+36)guerrilla154 9x of the 351D 4000K 90cri
+37)mrheosuper 10 lh351D 90 CRI
+38)A380 3 LH351D 4000K 90cri
+39)dekozn 10x 3000K 90CRI LH351b
+40)FlashTom 4x LH351B 3000K CRI90 16x LH351D 4000K CRI90 10x LH351D 5000K CRI70
+41)Lymast 10× 90 CRI LH351D 4000K
+42)g_damian 10 LH351D 90 cri
+43)Lick 16 *351B
+44)WTF 40 LH351D 90 cri

4000K 90cri (and hicri 3000K , hicri 6000K). But it is posible to order whole reel 800pcs if it will be interesting for a sufficient number of people.
Upd 23.04 351B are received.
UPD 17.04 PM are sent to all who buy 351D only. 351B will arrive next week.
Upd 12.04 All 351D are reserved. What is next?
I’ll get them on 16.04 then I’ll send my PP address with invoice)

upd 10.04 The second butch is 320pcs

upd 7.04
First small bunch is sold out .
I’ll order more 351 in a week(+3 days to get it).
The price is the same 1.6$/pcs + 5$ registered post ( + PP fee of course).
So please express your interest in this thread, I’ll make a list.
Small discout for orders >20pcs - 1.5$/pcs

Interest list
1)(pm)20pcs done
2)Edness 6 pcs done
3)Barkuti 16pcs 3xXPG3 18x351B done
4)(pm)3pcs done
5)djozz 10pcs done
6)CRX 5pcs done
7)mrheosuper —10pcs
8)maukka 10pcs done
9)doubleone44 5 5*351B ps
10)khas 6. done 6*351B done
11)HarleyQuin 10 done
12)charles lin 9 done
13)bunnicula 20 +2*xp16 +20*351B ps
14)gisewhcs 10 done
15)prisma 10 done
16)ImA4Wheelr 24 done
17)s1m888 10 done
18)Sledgestone —20
19)BlueSwordM 6 6 351B done
20)GrayEngineer 9 done
21)azhu 50 done 20 351B done
22)g_damian 8 done
23)Lightbringer 25 12 351B done
24)Tally-ho 16 done
25)muellihenry 15 done
26)MustSimon 3 3 351B
27)(pm)10 done
28)boaz 6 +10 351B done

29)staticx57 351B 10 done

Total 351D: 320 /320
351B : 100/120

upd. 22.03.18
These leds were temorarily out of stock.
Now I have small bunch of them 49 pcs to study interest. All sold out.
90cri LH351D 4000K (SPHWHTL3DA0GF4T0Q6. cri=93 r9=75 according measurements)
As I already said 1.6$/pcs. 5$ registred post.

I found source of cheap 90cri LH351D 4000K
It is new 3535 Samsung led with Max current 3A. It can work with carclo triple optics.
So I can provide opportunity to buy for 1.6$
Could it be interesting for someone?

Guys from helps with measurements.
LH351D 4000K

LH351B 3000K 90cri
XP-G3 5700K 90cri
The last 2 LED also very cheap ~0.5$ and 1$ respectively.

According to this sheet, the Q6 flux rank emitters only do 764 lumens at 3A. That’s only 40 lumens less than the equivalent 219C according to this test. How’s the tint?

I bought a couple of pieces.
Exact bin was F2T7Q2. I found it less greenish than 219c 4000, but I plan to measure it in sphere to be more strict.


Let us know if you decide to grab a nice bunch of them, pricing and shipping costs.

Cheers ^:)

Yes, I’d be interested but a bit anxious of the tint and beam profile it produces. The 90CRI 4000K LG led that Jaxman used recently was very green and caused an ugly tint shift in the various optics (link to maukka’s test), and I always thought that Samsung and LG were very similar. But if you say the tint is as good or better than the 90CRI 219C, and if you could find out that the tint shift when used in a flashlight is not bad I’m convinced I would like some for that price :slight_smile:

Now I try to decide with quantity.)
Pricing and shipping will be 1.6$/pcs and 5$ (with tracking number)

At least the CRI70 5000K Samsung LH351D was good with a suitable reflector. But it wouldn’t be the first time when a higher CRI and lower CCT emitter would be worse…

I’m interested.

F2T7Q2 bin. T7 refers to the chromaticity coordinates, about over if slightly below the blackbody locus, and a tad less than 4000K. Shouldn't look greenish at all.

Cheers ^:)

These leds were temorarily out of stock.
Now I have small bunch of them 49pcs to study interest.
As I already said 1.6$/pcs. 5$ registred post. Write PM if you are interested.

That T7 color bin looks like it sits very close to cree’s 5A2, which has been my favorite tint so far, I’ll definitely have to try some of these.

maukka, are you going to test these? :slight_smile:

Received my 3x LH351D today. Installed them inside a Wuben TO46R. They’re really nice. No tint shift to speak of in the clear triple optics. A simple filter will perfect the tint on most modes if you need to be on the BBL. On higher currents it’s already superb.

And what’s amazing. It offers Nichia like beam quality but reaches output comparable to the XP-G3. I measured equal lumens before and after the swap. Although one of the original XP-G3s was dedomed so didn’t probably live to its true potential.

Very nice, I should be getting some soon, I’m planning to put them behind frosted optics in an E2L host

I received my 6LH251’s yesterday.No time to do anything at the moment.Thanks AEDe.
Looks good Mauka.

Is it the same output with regulated driver or with FET?

Thanks Maukka!! I appreciate it.

They are XP-L sized. I think they should be compared to the XP-L2 90CRI 4000K 2-Step, which is very efficient, but has a terrible tint (Duv 0.6 in the low/mid modes with reflector - SC64c). So this LED is indeed much better, similar to the Nichia 219C 4000K R9050 (which has a somewhat yellow tint though). At high currents it is probably noticeably brighter than the 219C R9050.

EDIT: I just checked the datasheet. At 3A the Vf is only 3.28V and the thermal resistance is 2.2°C/W. So it’s actually quite compareable to other XP-L sized LEDs. 765-810lm @3A & 85°C. 77-82lm/W, so definitely worse than the XP-L2 in that regard, but only because of the used Bin.

EDIT2: I just compared these measurements to those of the Nichia 219C 4000K R9050 403. The Samsung LED has a higher TM-30-15 Rf & Rg, a higher R9-value and a more balanced spectrum. The Duv ist very similar (unfortunately…).

How many of them still available? I may order a bunch next week.

Cheers :-)

Played with Lee Zircon minus green filters. The results are promising and visually the light is gorgeous. It really makes every color pop, even over saturate (Rg 102). I think I’ll stick with the 804.

With 803 minus green and 17% output loss:

804 minus green and 15% loss:

805 minus green and 11% loss:

Thanks, maukka for the tests.

Now I have left only 23pcs of 351D and 4 people send me PM

I’ll send these 23pcs. Then I’ll order more 351 in a week(+3 days to get it).
So please express your interest in this thread, I’ll make a list.
Small discout for orders >20pcs - 1.5$/pcs