GB 351D closed.

I’ll take 10.
A very nice offer, thank you.
And thanks for all of you who went through testing these LEDs. :beer:

@AEDe, as I’m a paypal-noob you need to tell me the exact sum I have to transfer. I have no idea how much paypal fees add to which kind of transaction.

Interested in 9

I’ll take 10, thanks!

I’m interested in ten of those Leds, too.
Thanks for your effort in making these available for cheap!

Lol, now the orders are flooding in :smiley:

10 pcs for me please

The simple way is to choose “send to friends…” or something like this.

List updated.

What is the LH351B's die size? Did I read somewhere it is barely bigger than that of XP-E leds?

Cheers :-)

AEDe posted a pic of them. The LH351B is XP-G2 sized.

Here is some random leds from my discard box. You can find nice size comparisons in CRX's Leds 'n Stuff thread too, but this gave me something fun to do :-) . The real die sizes will be viewed enlarged for the leds with dome, but that is how the optic will see the led as well so what you see is the relevant size, well, sort of


Cree XHP35

Cree XHP50

Cree XHP70


Cree XP-E2

Cree XP-G2

Cree XP-L

Cree XP-L Hi

Cree XM-L2


Osram Oslon Square 2nd gen.

Osram Oslon Black Flat

Samsung LH351B

Samsung LH351D

LG H35F0


Nichia 219B

Nichia 144A

Thanks both for the input, The_Driver and djozz.

If properly dedomed, their throw should be fair.

Remembering this thread of mine, I've scored a few 4x MCPCB search hits and here they are for anyone interested (I like to find :-) deals):


Thanks djozz!

The Samsung LH351D actually seems to have a larger die than the Cree XP-L.

I'd like 24 please. Thank you for arranging this.

10 for me please. Thanks.

how many lumens will i gain it i Direct Drive it with sony vtc5a or samsung 30Q, i hope i can get over 1500

I wouldn’t have known about this group-buy if maukka hadn’t mention the emitter in the Wuben group-buy page.

Andrey, please add 10 more for me. Thanks.

I did not expect such an increase in interest in 351D.)
But there is a problem. It is not possible to withdraw $ from PP , in Russia. Añd I don’t need so many $, on PP. So I should use PP currency exchange. It resulted in price increase.

This does not apply to those who have already written in the list.
The first 170pcs has the same price. After that price will be 1.7$(1.6$ for 20pcs+) and 5.20 registered post.

Interested in 20

How does these compare to Nichia 4000k 219c in tint? Less green?

From maukka’s measurements:

Duv=0.036 Nichia 219C sm403 @ 700mA

Duv=0.018 Samsung LH351D 4000K @ 1000mA

Did maukka's test hijacked this thread? :|

And now the last one to the house is a rotten egg? @#$%! Sorry, don't mean to be gross but hadn't yet decided how many. :-/

Can you take €uro bank transfer AEDe? :-D LoL!

Grrr 16pcs for the LH351D. I'll add some LH351B units later.