GB/intrest thread for the Eagle Eye X5R Host

Hi guys, i get some request for this host, and i think it would be a nice idea to offer this light to BLF members as a good bargain - and very good modding option.

Price should be around 14-15$, please state if you are interested or confirm if you are sure, we need to get to 100pcs in order to get this deal going, thanks.

This are the parts which are coming with the host, and here is a more precise look at the host (actual flashigliht) that is build from with this host @Gearbest

1. will34
2. DavidEF

Interested but what kind of driver will it take? Does it come with a blank e-swith board?

I will update the thread once i get the exact details.

Second pic says “Micro USB 2A Quick Charge” but if it is only host then it does not have driver (with USB charging) and If this host supports usb charging then it will be very difficult to find driver that will fit perfectly!!!
Also, I think that e-switch also has battery indicator leds (but I am not sure, dont have X5R), try to find off the shelf driver with that function.

Backlighted button is cool (, but imho this is too long for 18650 flashlight with side button. Both Manker U11 and Nitecore MH20 are 10,5 cm, even BLF A6 with normal tail button is shorter (12cm). X5R is 13,7 cm.

Maybe interested when more details come about.

It’s not any longer than the Nitecore P12, Fenix PD35, or Thrunite TN12, which I think more closely relate to this light (tail switch + side button).

Hi guys, updated the first post with more details.

Wish this was for the Eagle Eye X6R.

jescereal, yes you are right - I didn’t realize from the photos there’s secondary switch in the tail. Maybe I’m a little too much fixated on MH20 and the likes :blush: Besides, all photos I’ve seen obscure tail part of the light - I wonder why…

I second that. X6R looks much better to me as is well-proportioned.

But the main issue remains - anybody know of any generic driver that will handle two-switch operation?

X6R is in similar category to the X6 which we already made gb for, sorry guys.

It comes with the e-switch and usb port pcb? I was hoping for a dual-switch driver piggybac while retaining the usb charging function

Can you please elaborate this in layman terms, so i can forward the info? thanks.


This x5r has a e-switch (momentary tact) side button and a micro usb port in the head. To use this host properly requires a pcb to hold the switch and usb port in the right location. This pcb needs to be the right diameter and shape. So, in order for anyone to use this x5r host they would either need the pcb or need the exact measurements (including exact position of button and usb port) to create their own pcb.
A similar pcb is used in the x6r. Image from post 79

The blue pcb.

Exactly. Without the original "guts, (meaning electronics)", the light is not much good as a host. You would not have a lighted button and you would have a hole where the charging port should be. I am afraid it would be better to do a GB on the whole light and let people just change the emitter. I'm not trying to put you down, but it would be hard for most anyone to mod this light and have something that looked good and worked good.

Just my thoughts.

Completely agree. Bare host without electronics won’t probably be popular enough to reach 100 pcs. At GearBest XM-L2 cool version costs $22,08 so it’s not worth the hassle to buy bare host and not have any option at using generic driver. GB with LED selection or without LED altogether would be more popular.

I’ll upload a picture of the X5R driver tonight…. Its a T-shaped ordeal

edit: Here are the pics. Not exactly easy to mod and keep the charger working, but possible with a custom PCB

Thanks for the pics PD… it seems like modding it while keeping the charging function is out of my skill range, I thought it would be more like the X6R where driver and charging PCBs were independent.

As other have mentioned a GB for the complete light would be a better idea…

Would be tough… But we have some mighty find board designers here. I would see it as a round board and the tail with parts for FET + 7135 and the second board that forms the T with part from one of the tiny USB charging modules. It would add 1 chip and maybe 7 or 8 other parts to make it work.

But, is it worth the effort since it would be the only light to use it? :frowning:

So based on the problematic pcb design, i guess this is a no go? heh that’s sad.

Any host you guys think that is above the rest - while being affordable - something you would prefer?