GB Oficially closed/// Maxtoch 2X Shooter (new version)

Maxtoch had a small batch of 2X that got out somehow with missing screws on the head/tube connection. (some missing A screw and some had NO screws)

Amanda said she didn’t know if this happened with any of the GB lights or not , as the ones she is talking about were a different batch of lights.

If you do happen to receive a light that is missing screws , contact Amanda at the email that was provided when I sent payment info out and she will see the problem is resolved ASAP.

If you need the email again PM me for that.

Ok the Official close date is going to be July 12th 2016 @ 9pm CST. Any orders not placed by or before that time will not be able to get the GB pricing and all updates (if any) that are needed for your order should also be made by that time.
If you are already on the list (at the bottom of the OP) please check to make sure I have the number of items and also each item listed right for your order.

Good news bad news time, The bad news is the GB will be going a couple more weeks. The GOOD news is the price at 50 pieces has been reduced to $85.50 and if we can get to the 80 it will still go down to the original $83.50.

Just thought I would mention we are already halfway to the first minimum of 50 pieces in just under 72 hours. This is a great start to reach the 50 minimum needed for the $88.50 price and hopefully the 80 pieces to get the $83.50 price on these lights.
Thanks to all who have signed up already.

I just got the OK to get the GB started. We will need 50 pieces to get the initial price of $88.50 and if we get to 80 pieces the price drops to $83.50. This includes FREE standard shipping , a nylon carry bag , extra switch , O-rings and rubber switch boot. Also if you wish to purchase a holster they will be marked down to $2.00 and the remote pressure switch marked down to $5.00 with the purchase of one of these lights (limit of 3 each of either for each light purchased) If the pressure switch is purchased you will need to be sure to get the one marked for the NEW 2X as they are marked accordingly on Aliexpress site. Maxtoch can also include 2 of the 3400 mAh cells (Panasonic protected button tops with Maxtoch wrapper) for $15.90 a pair if you need those but they must be shipped inside the light because of the new airfreight laws so a limit of 2 per light.

I have already asked about a free holster and lower price and probably anything else that could be included and what is listed is about as good as it gets for now. The cost of this light to produce is not quiet as cheap as Maxtoch would have hoped for I am sure, but even at the price we are getting I think it is still a bargain compared to anything even remotely close to it out there. Just getting U4 1A emitters over there took almost an act of foreign trades agreement and ended up costing much more than expected.

We will be able to purchase through Aliexpress site , or IF you will only use Paypal , we can go that route through Maxtoch directly, although I think the Aliexpress purchase will be easier in the end for everyone.

If you want in please let me know by posting in the thread and specify if you will use Paypal only or if you will use Aliexpress site.
If you have a Paypal credit card , it CAN be used through Aliexpress as any other credit card also.

I got the OK to put the review up and it looks like the GB is just around the corner now. Specs listed at bottom of this post.
Again for those who do not want to watch the entire video , the teardown stills and beamshots start at 5:15 in the video and the live footage outside immediately following that. Keep in mind the beamshot stills are much more true to life than the live footage from my cheap video camera.
EDIT: Here is a post to some of the testing I did with this light also.Testing

Best seen in Full Screen

I thought I was going to announce the final specs and a price by today , but it looks like it will be just a short while longer. I have not gotten the final OK from Maxtoch yet to proceed with the GB but I am expecting it to happen just any day now so bare with me just a little longer.
The New 2X hit Aliexpress today. Maxtoch will be doing an “introductory” pricing other than what is listed ($93.50 regular price). Introductory price is $88.83
Also I am talking with Amanda at Maxtoch about a possible Group Buy for the forum (possibly less than introductory price but NO guarantees it will go lower) , so unless you just can’t stand to wait a few more days then here is the link.

EDIT: I just wanted to say this did not start out as my project. The credit for getting this one started goes to Mudgripz and Gadgetman as they put in the brunt of the effort to begin with , I was just kind of brought into it after the ball was already rolling.

Ok folks it has been in the making for awhile now , and I think it is time for a sneak peak at some of what the new 2X Hunter from Maxtoch will be like.

It will be the most powerful , longest throwing light Maxtoch has released to date. I cant give all the details just yet , but it wont be long before I should be able to have a full review done on the light. At that time I will be able to give a definite price point for this light as well as show you the light itself , inside and out.

For now I guess I will just give you the “teaser” information………

How does 4.5 amps with a factory dedomed XM-L2 U4 1A emitter sound for starters? It is just a little bigger than the Maxtoch M24 , with the head size being the main thing. It has a wider and deeper reflector than the M24 does.

Here are the specs…………
Length 248mm (9.8”)
* Weight 308gms (400gms or 0.8lbs with batts). Weapon mountable or handheld
* 68mm head
* 2 x 18650 batts - protected buttontops.
* Balanced beam - combines very tight hotspot plus good flood for scanning big areas
* High mode 360-370k lux, 70-75 min runtime, 1,200 meters max range. No stepdowns required
* Medium ‘hunter’ mode 260+k lux, 100+ minutes runtime, 1000+ meters max range
* Low mode 40-50k lux.
* Standard ring 25mm tube for scope mounting.
* Xm-L2 U4 1A factory dedomed led giving good colour/object picture at range
* Remote switch will be available - as will single batt tube from Maxtoch. I was informed by Maxtoch the single tube only works with the M24 original version.

And if you would like to see how well the prototype (now have the first production run shots posted) is throwing , here is a slideshow with some beamshots.(Best seen in FULL screen)

GB list
1.scs—1L—1 holster==Aliex
2.Fragarach— 1L—1holster—1PS
3.zipelgas—1L—1 holster

4.Eivwer—1L—1 holster ==PP

5.Jeansy —1L—1 PS
6.gadabout —1L—1 holster, 1 PS
9.RobertB—1L—1 PSPP
10.Ronen98 —1L—1 holsterPP
11.bobofire —1L—1 holster/1 PS=PP
12.rafalklis --1L–Aliex
13.validum --1LPP
15.Couchmaster --1L–1 holster–1PS–2 batteryALi or PP
16.SawMaster —1L—1PSPP
17.Sparkey762 --2LPP
18.Killforfood —1L—1holster—1PS=PP
20.raven38571 —1LPP
22.Frankie Baby —2L—2holster—2PSPP
25.Sirius9 --1L–1holster–1PSAliexpress
26.Rusty Joe —2L—4 batteryPP?
27.walterr839 --2L–4BatteryPP
29.ilovejesuschrist --1L=PP
30.Roobarb —1L—1Holster=PP
31.qandeel --2L–2holster=PP
32.Easyrr —1L—1holster—1PSAliexpress
33.netprince --1L–1holsterPP
34.Speed4goal —1LAliexpress
36.THAO916 —1L=PP??
37.T18 —2L–1holster–4battery=???
38.timbuchanan —2L—2batteryAliexpress
39.Raoh --1L–1holster-1PS–2batteryPP
40.Davidq656 —1L—1holsterPP
41.Far Thrower–1L=???
42.OlafE —1L—1holster???
43.rexdog --1LPP?
44.martook —1L—1holsterPP
45.DB Custom --1L–1holster–1PSPP
46.goshdogit —4L—4holster—8batteryPP
49.magnet --1L–1holster–1PSPP

Practically on the edge of my seat ……. I want one now !

David - can’t get link to click onto fullscreen.

Absolutely wicked light. Was out hunting with prototype last night - just amazing. Very light and very powerful - spotlight on a stick!

Robo, gadgetman and I have been developing it with Maxtoch for some time. It is an extremely high performance all-purpose hunter/outdoor light. Key point here is that we were after beam balance - it is not just a flood (using XHP or MTG2), or a pencil beam, but achieves both purposes. Has 1300 yard range but beam width to scan big fields quickly. It is also designed to be very light at just 308gms - so its weapon mountable and a fraction of the weight of many high output lights.

Also there are no stepdowns after 2-3 minutes. It will maintain its full 360-370k lux performance for 70-75 minutes, and will run in medium (normal hunter mode) at 260-270k for over 100 minutes - (2 x panasonic/maxtoch 3400s). In this regard it is well ahead of the Olight M3X-UT Javelot, with no stepdowns required, good runtimes, and even its medium mode has greater output than the 250k Javelot. And the CRI or color rendition faithfulness and target clarity at distance is much better with its XM-L2 dedomed U4 than the domeless XPL-HI. We did alot of side by side testing and photography of various leds to get right picture down range.

Awesome light… :slight_smile:

Sorry bout the fullscreen not working , it does work when I click it though. If it is a problem I welcome any suggestions to fix that though.

You have made some good points about the performance also Mudgripz. This 2X is also outperforming the M24 I did the GB on last year with the XP-L HI in it and I thought that was a powerful light until I got ahold of this new 2X. It really is an awesome light with great throw and spill.

Being so light, how does it dissipate all the heat ?

It has a DTP 31mm copper board in it and it also has a large head with some good cooling fins on it

We did tough heat testing. Left it sitting unmoving and on full power in the house several times for 70-100+ minutes continuous runtime and it got quite hot, but when moving outside you can feel some warmth in the tube but no more. Airflow thru the fins works well.

Out hunting for hours on Friday night and zero heat issue - just slight warmth as you walk/drive. Good for cold winters :slight_smile:

Well all righty! I am in! Sounds absolutely wonderful! Turgid with excitement ,anticipation, and curiosity! :cowboy_hat_face:

Oooh nice. :smiley:

I’ve noticed that with my C8’s out possum shooting. Airflow is certainly the key.
Fins certainly work - and well.

Can’t wait…… :wink:

Hi David,

I can hardly wait to get this beast into my hands.

I’m also curious ——— will it beat the Acebeam K70?

Subscribed! And thanks for the great beamshots robo!

By the way I have a few questions about this light…
Is the reflector exactly the same as the previous version (in terms of diameter and depth)?
Who did the XM-L2 U4 1A dedome?
Is the CRI of the dedomed XM-L2 U4 1A really better than the XP-L HI?

I haven’t kept myself updated with flashlight stuff for quite some time so there might be some new findings nowadays…

Looking forward to seeing the price on this one, I want a real long-thrower!

I can confirm that yes,yes it is. The HI almost washes out
It’s much cooler than the U4, and from what I’ve seen ( and I like cool tints, so this is hard to type lol )
The U4 is the way to go.

Could there be a integrated picatinny rail mount battery tube made available? Any chance for thermal encapsulation (heat/vibration /recoil) dampening of components for reliability, from sustained fire of large caliber weaponry? Is the head to battery tube adapter or mount still of the 4 screw attachment design or integral?

We did alot of field testing and David (Robo) did heaps of side by side photography assessing CRI and object picture clarity at 200m plus. CRI defined as: the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

Three main candidate leds - the XPL-HI, XML2 U4 1A, and XML2 U4 1C. We rejected the domeless XPL-HI quickly - cooler white tint in our led supply which as Here and Again notes blued and washed out colors down range. After alot of testing we chose XML2 U4 1A - much more natural picture down range and far better clarity. XPL-HI also less efficient - in comprehensive testing its lux output is approx that of an XML2 U2, but U3 and U4 alot better. Tested various leds in same torch for exact reference.

We had new 2X running at 370k with XPL HI but to get this it had to run at 6 amps - not stable and requiring step down after 2-3 minutes. Stepdown no good for hunting. With more efficient XM-L2 U4 we could use 4.5 amp boards with no stepdown for about same 360-370k output - plus better picture.

Acebeam too big for our purposes at around 800gms or 1.8lbs with batts, 50mm tube and big 88mm head. Slightly higher output than new 2X, but not weapon mountable, twice the weight, uses twice as many batteries, and more than twice the price. New lightweight 2X could be round $90…we’ll see.

And that is the key.
No way I’d pay Acebeam money for a torch.

That’s just what the world needs now (and how….)

More good news!! :beer: :beer:

Thanks for the input guys.

So the dedome is going to be done by Maxtoch themselves?