GEARBEST lost order ( IMPORTANT: Read Reply 21)

- So i placed an order back in May for a Jetbeam II Pro through one of Freeme’s discount codes. They claimed it was shipped May,24,2017. I still not have received it, and they have not replied to my email inquiry. I will wait another week for their reply, I hope they read this topic.

UPDATE: they refunded me for the order i never received, BUT, their message (in reply #21) sort of says that if i order any further items from them and if any don’t arrive, i am out of luck?

I hope it works out for you.

If not, I suggest you file a PayPal dispute.

Hey what’s up DBSAR, more bummer stories from you… ugh… I’ve read regularly that people cannot contact, either Banggood or Gearbest, or both (can’t remember which one), when emailing. The solution is to use the, what’s it called again, ticketing system of the site itself or something. Then they reply quickly. Perhaps you can try that? I think you should get a reply within a day or so. Otherwise Jono from Gearbest, here on this forum, will very likely help you. :partying_face:

Even though i don;t like having to resort to filing Paypal disputes against sellers i buy from regularly, but this is almost 3 months past and have no other choice. I just filed a refund-request through Paypal, (they will contact Gearbest i assume, and hope this ruffles their feathers to fix this issue.

I have never had any problems with Banggood or Gearbest before, (Banggood have always been good to me. With Gearbest i have have one small issue before in the past, but this is the first one where an item has never arrived from them, and their customer service never replied to my initial inquiry.

Such a bummer. I think you deserve some positive vibes. So you ordered that Emisar D4 already? It will make you happy for sure… :stuck_out_tongue:

After bashing my head on the wall with them awhile ago I gave up and contacted their rep here. Problem solved. Good luck.

Emisar D4?

That is correct. Emisar D4 (from Hank Wang, the guy who made the Noctigon Meteor M43), aka the smile bringer (I just made that up). It’s pure excellence, and it’s only $40,-. I can only speak for myself, but I suspect a lot of people would agree, that this is the light to get for 2017.

Looks like a nice light, but i have to many single 18650 lights now, and will likely have to sell of most of my collection soon as i been under a bit of financial strain if things keep going the way they do here for me.

Have you PMed their rep on this forum?

Me too …

that is my experience
do not reply to any email they send you
go back to the web page and use the non-email Contact Us Form on their site

the email address they use for reply to, only works to piss me off and feel ignored

Assuming you are now on the way to closure on the lost light, and good idea using PayPal, works great!
It won’t teach them anything, but maybe it will teach us not to email them, while thinking they are intentionally ignoring us.

what light are you gonna get next?:slight_smile:

don’t take it personally, they are not intentionally ignoring you, they are not getting your emails, they are being sucked into a void of darkness.

Ive had better luck using This contact form

PayPal dispute also works fine, could be most productive with a message indicating that emails sent to whatever address you tried, are going into a black hole… :slight_smile:

Assuming you are well on your way to resolution…

What Light are you planning to buy next?:slight_smile:

PayPal dispute is a good option. or you can also try to leave a messege on their fb messenger, it might work sometimes. Good luck and hope you get your new flashlight asap :slight_smile:

Did you try the built-in messaging system? I’ve always got prompt replies with it.
I had a no-show some months ago and they resent the order (1 Jetbeam E10R).

Hi, sorry, Dear Gearbest customer
Come here some late, it is great honor to invite you to seek instant help by PM, thank you for your feedback here.
JetBeam II PRO Black

Feedback: It is in stock with limited 7pcs now, in full stock 2 or 3 months ago, your package could be dispatched almost 3 months ago.
The question is:

  1. would you mind PM me with your order number as well as Ticket number? Thank you so much
  2. Still remembered the customer service staff you Emailed but did not answer you? Please PM me with his or her Email (if not, ticket number is okay for me to find the one).
    Thank you so much.
    Gearbest Team

PM sent.

Hi, Dear Gearbest Customer
From your Order Number
Your Order has been dispatched 2017-05-25 20:44:42
The shipping way your chose: Unregistered Air Mail without tracking code
From your Ticket Number
2017-07-22 07:57:26 you inquiried about your package.
2017-07-22 07:59:03 the service center staff answered and asked you to confirm address details
and made tips: the delivery deadline will be 2017-07-24 (Some special address, xx, xx,xxx will be delayed till 2017-08-23)
I checked your shipping address was not in special address lists, so the delivery deadline is 2017-07-24.
2017-08-19 08:17:52 you emailed again
And we promise you,you will get feedback from Customer Service within 24 hours.
Thank you for your kind understand.
The relative solutions based on policies have been explained to you with details.
Check your Ticket or your Eamil, please.
Best Regards,
Gearbest Team

Thanks you for the quick reply.