GEARBEST lost order ( IMPORTANT: Read Reply 21)

Ok, i just read the reply form Gearbest on their site in the Ticket. This is what they sent me:

” - Thank you for contacting Gearbest and sorry for any inconvenience.

Please note that this is just an exception for you. Such exception will not be applicable for future cases and will be recorded in our system.

We are now arranging the refund 26.99 USD for you via PayPal.”

So what this means if i order any other items from Gearbest and it gets lost in the shipping process, or does not arrive, they will no longer help with the issue, ( meaning any future order issues will not get a refund if the item is defective or does not arrive) That message alone, is a deterrent & reason from ever ordering from them again!

i bought a Jetbeam E10R in june and i had not received it yet

I think this is what the “Add Shipping Insurance to your order” is for. If a package is lost, then it is not Gearbest’s fault, so they will not compensate without insurance.

True, but not always. Ive ordered with tracking and insurance and its sent with Azerbeijan something, still waiting, ordered more then one month ago.

But somehow ive had multiple shipping issues with the free shipping from GB and never with BG.
That alone makes me think of BG as my preferred supplier, eventhough they are more expensive.

Still waiting for a clear S2+ for over a month from Gearbest which was sent without tracking, otherwise it would have added to much for the nice deal
But if it wont arrive, its just a bad deal

Oh well, if something does not arrive and you ask GB rep here to check it out, it sorts itself out, even via ticket system it get sorted, but usually takes a few more times to explain.
And indeed if something does not arrive, Paypal can be a last resort.
Gearbest doesn’t want to make it look too easy, that is all here :slight_smile:
your problems is fixed and sure potential future problems will be fixed as well, dont get too hung up on the wording of that message :slight_smile:

Strictly speaking, it should never be necessary to add tracking or insurance to your order. It is always the supplier’s responsibility to make sure that you receive your item. Otherwise, fraudsters could claim that they really did send your item, but actually be stealing your money outright.

This is why paying via Paypal and / or using a credit card is always a good idea. Paypal and the credit card companies rigorously enforce the principle that the supplier is responsible when an order goes astray.

I think this is the case in many western countries; it’s just regulated by law. However, I don’t know if this is the case in China. If not, I don’t see a reason why Chinese vendors should comply to western regulations, unless they choose to voluntarily for service purpose. Gearbest opts for really low prices, much lower than other Chinese vendors. Therefore they need to have a different business model. And I think this is one of the outcomes.

It is always a risk with shipping from overseas with orders getting lost (or returned to the seller) (especially lately it seems) if a “reliable” low-cost insurance was an option then that would be great for more expensive items, ( especially for lights or anything over $100 value.

Wellp, the only issue I ever had with GB (which was eventually resolved via refund) was that something I ordered with tracking and insurance was marked as delivered, ostensibly to the front desk where I work, on Hallowe’en (so it was really easy for people to remember), yet nothing ever came.

Ie, it wasn’t an issue where Mr Mailman just dropped it on a doorstep and some lout walked off with it, or that it was misdelivered somewhere, etc. Nothing was signed for, so no name was given as accepting the package, yet it was still flagged as delivered. Huh? I never got it. And it was a set of 30Qs, so ain’t like some random bozo would even know what to do with ’em if he took ’em.

Anyway, at first, it was “let’s split the difference”, “we’ll reship but you pay shipping” (more’n the cost of the cells!), “put in a claim with the carrier and keep us out of it”, etc., but I was still out the cells. Eventually I just gave up and said I was going to do a chargeback and let GB duke it out with the carrier(s), and was then given a refund before I had to go that route.

That was particularly odd because of the tracking claiming that it was delivered. To… where?

My biggest grex was that I had both tracking and insurance, yet was being asked to “split the difference”, etc., so of course I got quite agitated, asking what was the purpose of insurance if I’d still be out the bux and the cells?

Now, I’m still waiting for a package that’s apparently hung up in customs or something. I intended to get tracking but used some GB points bringing down the cost, and it didn’t dawn on me that I didn’t include it. That’s still pending, there’s some time still left on the ticker before it’s considered “lost” (and interestingly, track24 seems to know where it is despite being “untracked”).

Anyway, I got a nice answer (I wasn’t yelling or anything, so that was appreciated :smiley: ), but we’ll see. I vaguely recall in the past people were complaining that tracking and/or insurance were automatically added unless you went out of your way and unselected it. Guess that changed?

In my personal experience, GB are absolutely the worst to deal with if something goes wrong. A few years ago, they were honored with the Avoid tag, & there’s good reason for it.

Hi DBSAR, when did you place your order? Does your order comes with tracking?

That’s certainly true, but the point I was making is that Paypal and the (Western) credit card companies force the Chinese suppliers to meet the Western standard if there’s a problem.

This is one of the selling points for using Paypal and / or a credit card. Your insurance is actually built into the commission they charge the supplier, to cover the cost of Paypal or the credit card company reimbursing you at need (and presumably pursuing the dodgy supplier on their own account afterward to recover the money).

Ah I see. Yes I get it. Paypal gets a lot of things done, but is this also the case when a non insured parcel gets lost. Would Paypal hold the Chinese vendor accountable as well? Because there must be a legal agreement between vendors and Paypal for this case.

That’s a good point. Obviously, the vendor has to have a Paypal account to receive the money, so they are signing up to a legal agreement with Paypal, but I don’t know if that agreement varies from one country to the next.

I’ve never had a Paypal case go so far that Paypal had to step in. In every case, the vendor has (eventually) sorted the problem out by themselves.

It’s not conclusive proof, but that does suggest to me that the vendors know Paypal will decide against them. They’re just being as awkward as possible in the hope of making the customer give up before it gets that far.

Apparently in some cases Paypal can refund the buyer for loss off shipment without recovering the money from the seller if the seller can proof he has send out the item in question.

I think so, but I alway do a fair way first: let seller have a change to correct the problem. Most of the cases (included: Ebay, GB, Aliexpress … v …v …) they were done well, in some cases I still need help from Paypal.

Specially, BG and Thorfire are the best of CS to me .

Just an update, I got the package today, so no worries. :smiley:

Good to hear!
Hopefully my packages will arrive soon as well (cant check since i’m on holiday) :wink:

Hi, Dear Gearbest Customer,

I confirmed with the one who answered your ticket on Gearbest site:

He refered to: you took the unregistered shipping way without tracking code provided and did not purchase shipping insurance.

On the basis of laws and principles, he might not give you full refund.

Observance of sites rules is a matter of principle for him, hope you can understand.

Tips: Thus, we here, strongly recommend that customers purchase shipping insurance during the checkout.

In the event that your package has a shipping issue, Gearbest will send you a replacement package free of charge.

We shall keep rules in our minds here, it is our great honor to have your check here:

Thank you.

This words are improper to customers, actually.

This is Gearbest innner work system to record his own business process: finnish or not, good result or not, and etc.

It has nothing to do with Gearbest customers, it is not a threaten to dear customers.

He must make apologize for such case.

Any comments will be highly appreciated to us.

Best regards,

Gearbest team

Hi, can I ask you ordered it in june from Gearbest or not, if the order is from Gearbest site, please contact with me by PM (order number, or if you opened a ticket, please add the ticket number ).

We here wanna share with all customers: if your order with unregistered shipping methods, without tracking code, especially, you can contact with service center to know about the delivery deadline.

When you are at the deadline, still no updated info about your package, please ask for proper solutions. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Gearbest Team