Gift for father-in-law under $25

Hello everyone. I need help picking a gift for my father-in-law for his birthday. I need it ASAP so China sites are out. He is an avid hunter and golfer. He does not have a quality torch as we know it. He would be use to
"normal" flashlights. I am sure he would be happy with a flashlight, knife, hunting bag, something manly-ish. I want something under $25 total price for him. Thank you for the help.

Under $25 and not from china makes it pretty limited. You might take a look at the Romisen lights or ITP at and see what he has in stock as they usually ship pretty quickly.

Fenix E10 at REI Outlet that you can pick up at a local REI (I think) for $24.93. Hows that?

How about a Kershaw Tremor? It's a nice assisted opener for $25 shipped. I recently paid for one and the seller ships quickly from Eugene, Oregon. I'll be getting mine in the mail very soon...

knife info:

seller info:

I bought a Romisen RC-N3 from Shiningbeam for him. It works on 2AA and will be a nice light for a non-flashaholic. Thank you for the help. :)

good buy. Not sure if I'd by my father in law a knife. lol

was going to suggest an RC-29 from them. fine choice. big shiningbeam fan, me.

They also have the RC-G2 II neutral white on clearance for $15.75, but I'm not sure how good of a light that is.

It's a great light . I have purchased several to gift and I keep three in my collection . The 5C tint is wonderful . If this light had a clip it would be my EDC .