Give away! TrustFire MINIX

Great, thank you! :partying_face: :+1:

Congrats to the winners!

Thanks for the giveaway, TrustFire2021!

Thanks to TrustFire you for the GAW.
A beam of light in these dire COVID-times.
Congratulations to the other winners.

I’ll PM you my address.

I think I never officially greeted TrustFire2021, so...

It's nice of you to join us, TrustFire2021!

I gave her my heart ...She gave me a pen

thx for GAW, aurora/TrustFire

Shout out to my first upgrade from Maglite and still my go to for bumps in the night…

You’re welcome,please keep to to follow the TrustFire.

haha~who was recived your heart?

Oh,Thank you so much,I love the BLF so so so much :+1:

You’re welcome,please keep to to follow the TrustFire.Staying Healthy

HI,Thanks for support TrustFire,we wa updated the 3T6,Name is 3T6pro,
please visit the link:


Thanks for GAW.
I am living quite far from my home and can’t even get back there because of Covid19 situation but I still have some flashlights with me. Let me post theses 2 as representative of my collection.

Pardon my skepticism. It is a cute light, but I am surprised at the claim of 90 lumens for 136 minutes from only 300 mAh - unless the battery is 7.2 volts or the light is stepping down from 90 lumens due to temperature or voltage sag. Explanation? Or am I mistaken?

It arrived today :partying_face:

Thanks for a really nice light :+1: . A few initial impressions here:

I’m still waiting. Which is no surprise to me.
I’m used seeing it stuck in Amsterdam for a week or more. So three more days to go.
Upon calling PostNL they say: it’s in Amsterdam but still in the AE container.
Yeah, and what about the parcels I send? Same thing, and no Ali involved there!

they might be stretching

ie, you start on the 300 lumens, as battery drops, it steps down but ultimately does ‘run’ for that long, just not at 300 lumens

a common tactic for ‘turbo lasts 3 hours!!’ and whatnot

actually, lightbringer’s chart shows it only lasts about 85 min, starting from turbo then letting it step down til the end

but maybe it would last 136 if it started on the 300 lumen, whatever that setting is
M? H?


giveaway winners: what aux led did you get ?

red, or UV?


we have two same topics, which one is now correct?

Winners have been announced here (post#17):

The other thread is not “valid”, as far as I know…