Give away! TrustFire MINIX

TrustFire’s new MINIX is back ~ we can give it away for free, if you show your collection of EDC flashlights, we will select the lucky winner with the most activity and collection.We will send out 8 MINIX in random colors.
Let me briefly introduce MINIX.

TrustFire MINIX is a compact and portable all-metal keychain flashlight with a max 320 lumens brightness and max 42 meters range-throw. The all-metal body’s net weight is 22g only, exquisite and portable. With Type-C charging and built-in 300mAh lithium polymer battery, it can be charged easily It also comes with battery power indicator function and low voltage warning, you can check the remaining power at any time. IP66 level with exquisite I workmanship and reliable quality.

It has 5 modes(moodlight,low,middle,high), two light options (white + red dual light source, 620nm red light source, strong penetrating power. White + purple double light source, 365nm UV light source.)

Neat, I like the colours. Any visible PWM? Are you using the CA18X emitter again?



EDC lights

I’ve wanted a Minix too, though, for EDKC - everyday keychain!

purple please!


I am in! :wink: I’d love to try a Trustfire MiniX :partying_face:
These are some of the lights I consider for EDCing.

WOW,it so many many ,Great!

wow~These are black

What is the output levels in lumens?

Last years 14500 EDC

This years EDC mix

Hi,Thanks for your question,please check the picture.

Everything I do or say can (and will) be used against me.
A shared secret is no secret anymore.
But I still have the right of not incriminating myself.
So this is just a picture of (part of) my AAA collection.

Im really dont know how to add photo… but here i try again… !!
BTW this is old photo i made 9 addition to this.

Thanks for the GAW! :+1:

My novice collection of mostly Astrolux and Sofirn flashlights. They keep me company at my WFH desk.

so does the minix have both blue/purple led, and red also?


it’s have white+red OR white+purple.

Congratulations, these winners (ID:wle,MascaratumB,Sillen,Henk4U2,Unheard,TermsakC,tatasal) ,please send me your addresses through BLF and we will send you MINIX at random!

Thank you very much for the GAW, Trustfire :wink:
I will send you my address through PM !

Thanks and congrats to the other winners :wink:

Thanks,it’s so nice

Yehey, thanks Trustfire!

Pm sent.