Got a Kurig coffee machine, its great

Just wanted to share a recent purchase. I got one of those Kurig machines. I love it. It makes a perfect cup of coffee everytime and those little cups are not expensive anymore. I used to make a pot of coffee and end up wasting half the pot most of the time and had to deal with the mess of the used grounds and filter. The Kurig is a great idea for those who only make a cup at a time.

I'm no fan of capsule systems.. too much waste. I've got a DeLonghi fully automated coffee machine. :)

Lever-actuated piston for full control for me (La Pavoni).

You don't really need an expensive machine to make a good coffee, however an automated machine is convenient though.

Buy a moka pot which is cheap, the right coffee, and most important the right water to make the coffee. Whoever tried coffee in Napoli or from someone over there, then you know what I am talking about. Any Italians here?

Those are great machines, but not budget really.

The newest Keurig model or old style?

I have a Breville model of the Keurig (more upscale) but I only use it for hot water to use with my Aeropress 8) It actually works really well as an electric kettle because it heats only what is needed and starts automatically. Rarely do I use it for K-cups anymore. I also contend with the problem that they contribute too much waste. They need to be recyclable.

Aeropress rules though :bigsmile:

It is a new model. Just bought it. I like how fast it makes a cup. I pop a K-cup in and hit start and in less than a min, I have my coffee. I have only used regular coffee makers before so I don’t know what else is on the market but I love the system. It is actually easier and less fuss than the old style coffee makers, it is cleaner and faster too. I don’t have time in the morning to mess with coffee so this machine is perfect for me.

Speedsix, no matter what kind of coffee maker/machine you use, experiment with the water you use, you'll be amazed when you'll notice that the tap water and different brands of mineral water all result in slight or more profound difference in the final taste of your coffee.

I keep it simple and just use a french press with fresh grind petes, starbucks or kirkland (costco store brand). I dont like heavy cream so A little whole milk and I’m good to go. I think part of the appeal is smelling the beans in the grinder, the aroma fills the kitchen and is part of the psychology of it all.

I swear by Cafe du Monde… the cheap looking stuff in an orange can (YES) canned pre-ground coffee. Its a Chiccory blend form the Louisiana French region of the country. Love this stuff too just as much as a fresh grind. Totally rocks with a little Vietnamese coffe maker!!! My wife is 1/2 Vietnamese/Chinese her family introduced me to the orange canned stuff. Its very common in American-Vietnamese families. You visit any Vietnamese family household and mention the orange coffee can and they know what you’re talking about.

I’ve been a Keurig user since they came out several years ago. I’m actually on my 3rd machine, my latest is this Cuisinart I got from Costco about a year ago. My Coffee of choice is Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold, and Newman’s Special Blend Extra Bold. I like the convenience factor, plus the coffee I use taste’s great on the 10oz size. BTW, the water quality here in Huntington Long Island is excellent

I forgot to mention, the pumps don’t last more than a couple of years of heavy use. This is why I’m on my third machine…

I'm not a coffee connoisseur..i just love my percolator ...

I had some Luzianne the other day and realized the flavor was the Chickory...A bit of a nice change of pace and a taste you remember you forgot .


Oh I meant is it Keurig’s newest model which was released a few weeks ago? It has features like temperature and brew strength control. I’m not sure if it actually works or is gimmicky though. I saw part of a 30 minute infomercial on the new model. It’s expensive though.

Kramer, have you ever tried an Aeropress? It’s the same concept as a french press but cleaner and easier to use. All you have to do is eject a puck of coffee grounds once you’ve pressed it fully and then rinse, that’s it. The concentrated coffee is pressed into your mug so you’re ready to rock and roll. I’ll swear by the Aeropress. It’s so simple but that inventor needs to be in some kind of hall of fame.

My parents have one and so does my bro-in-law. It makes a decent cup of coffee but not as tasty (nor as fragrant) as a freshly ground cup. My routine takes a bit longer in the mornings, but its worth it. Plus im a budget guy so i like my coffee to be less than $.50-.60 per cup.

Wake up, grind some beans, pour some water, add filter, add grounds and push button. Go wash up, grab my paper and its ready.

Glad you enjoy your Coffee Boaz, but I’m really surprised to hear that percolators are still used these days, I thought they were a relic of the 60s/70s, to me all they make is coffee stew.

My gal uses a Kurig at work and wants one for home. I kept rejecting the idea because we go through coffe like madmen in our house and it would be too expensive. I understand they have reusable k-cups now where you use your own coffee if you want. I may soon cave in and agree to get one.

I like the flavor from a percolator I have two coffe makers in the garage in a shelf cuz i like the taste from my percolator better ..Coffee stew huh ..mmm

Don't knock it till you try it

seems we disagree:P

Exactly the reason for my post :)

Try the Ekobrew re-usable cup. A bit simpler than the Keurig re-usable. Makes the systen as inexpensive to use as any other, makes good coffee and zero waste, as I’m never throwing out part of a pot and never drinking coffee that’s sat on the burner for 3 hours. It’s about $12 at Amazon, and that’s delivered.

I love mine, the chocolate glazed donut flavor from the DonutHouse selection is awesome

I held off buying one because of the expense of the K-cups. When I got my Kurig, they had boxes of the K-cups for about $10 for 16 ct. That makes it as cheap as buying the grounds if not cheaper. Keep in mind, you are getting good coffee with the k-cups not cheap store brand stuff and there is never a half pot of coffee wasted or sitting in the maker for hours getting old while it waits to be used.

I love the idea of having a cup when you want and not having to clean up or plan on how much coffee I might want. When I want a cup, I make one and it is fresh and always tastes good.