Got any funny "foreign-language-to-English" translations?

The manuals for the recently arrived lights gave me the idea for this thread.

Came direct from the Chinese manufacturer… guess they meant “User Manual”

This 6 page “handbook” was wholly in English: you’d think they’d put just a little more money into translation. Or maybe they just wanna’ make us laugh.

Anyway, seeing this gave me a chuckle; anyone got any more? (not limited to flashlights)


Some more good ones here:

My usual disclaimer on this subject: I know from personal experience how hard it can be to learn a new language, and I deeply respect all Asians who are learning to speak a language like English that is so incredibly different from their native language. But when you’re learning a new language, you can’t take yourself too seriously. So if any non-native English speakers read this thread, please don’t take offence and try to enjoy the humor!

Not flashlight related, but I found that back in the day, the website is called I’m an first generation asian in America and it’s really funny when you tell your elders stuff cuz you literally fall into this transcribe vs. translation dogma. Sort of what they call, “Lost in Translation” issue. Enjoy.

Here’s a teaser.

Thanks sb56637 for that first link, but I wanted to only laugh, not spend more money… now I want this light/recorder combo! :slight_smile:

GREAT link and as I wrote above, “not limited to flashlights”

Keep ’em coming!

Do not insert where…??!

Now that’s a bit rude…

I was looking at this headlamp on ebay a few minutes ago. Its description said

I had to abide. So I bought it.

A few days ago, I exchanged emails with a vendor regarding a bike light. He said

Seeing while cursing is very important. So I had to buy that light too :slight_smile:

Love the “Cheap, fast & easy” part. How appropriate!

Over Mura moving cake :wink:

(prekmurska gibanica)


I forget where it was but a SK68 clone had directions on the ebay page. One of them was "Press the ass of the flashlight"


Not Chinese, from a Lithuanian I was working with…

His English was very good but sometimes when things were slow I’d help with questions he’d have. There was a section in a book he was working on that had phrases like “go down to the store,” “set the book down on the table,” and “walk up to the door.” We worked through some of that tweaking some things here and there when he had a question about using …

“go down on.”

I couldn’t even try to explain for a couple minutes because I was laughing so hard. It took a couple attempts to explain why I was laughing because whenever I started to I :smiley:

Me stupid, did not know that one either

The ice cream goes where ?

Few years ago when Italian supermarket chain just opened they managed to label woman’s intimate shampoo as (translated in english) “Shampoo for cunt” J)

Well now. At least they did not beat around the bush.


I guess you need that shampoo after the ice cream treatment.