Group buy Brinyte B158 Cree XP-L HI V3 LED

Hello to all of you !
I start this topic because we can get Brinyte B158 zoomie with XP-L V3 HI LED if there is a sufficient number of interested buyers…

Brinyte B158 XM-L2 U4

People from GB will offer a price about 25$ for this light if we get 20 interests.

This lamp is excellent zoomie and probably best for this money ower there, I have version with XM-L2 U4 and it is fantastic, so if we get enough interested people we can get it with V3 HI which will be even better and will have even better beam distance !

EDIT : One forum member posted beamshoots with U4 and XPL HI of this light to show the difference, you can see it on post at number #27 !

Here are some beamshots with B158 XM-L2 U4 ( range is just over 200m to the trees ) :

So if you are interested post here and also how many you want !


Hi, thanks for this, I will need one piece.

I forgot to put manual if someone want to read it is for XM-L2 U4 :

Click on the links to zoom it !

B158 is really a nice light and it is very easy to mod. Lens focus well with XP-L HI on Noctigon. I have already bought 3pcs in the last group buy. Wish they make the switch with regular C8 feel.

I’d be in for one

What’s the shipping time

Shipping time is up to us, the faster we collect a sufficient number of interested people the faster it will available.
As regards shipping from GB to your place I don’t know you location but for Europe is 15 days with free shipping ! Also there is a options that you can pay for the shipping but I don’t know how much is faster because I use only free shipping.

I would buy one. I would buy a few if the price were closer to $20.

It is impossible, because U4 is higher than 20$ and I get information from the factory that V3 HI is 2$ more cost than U4.

So price of 25$ is very good for V3 HI, maybe it will be a little lower who knows…

Sound good! I’m in for one for sure.

Didn’t they just come out with a version without the giant ridges/mounting holes?

I haven’t seen such a light, but you have my interest piqued! I love the B158 (mine has a DD XP-L with FET+1). But the lugs are a bit over the top for me. Now off to search around…

Edit: there is the smoother B168, but it also has a considerably smaller head/optic

Might as well get on the list. I like the action on my first one. Edit- without lugs.

Interested in 1, thanks!

@gchart, here is a comment from a man who directly compare them :
‘’So, essentially and as we’d expect, the B168 does much what the B158 does but sacrifices some range and flooding power due to the much smaller lens.’’

@jescereal, and what is the difference why you want right that model ?
Odepro and Brinyte are same company but with different brand…
There is no difference in lights also there is no improvements a model that you show to us, only is better in price but in a negative sense.

6 for now, not bad :smiley:

It doesn’t have the lugs with tapped holes so it’s lighter but with the same lens.

Oh I don’t care for the model differences or brand. Pilotdog mentioned it so I thought to show others. If anything, I prefer the lugs.

The price is US $58.38 with charger and battery without shipping and as you can see price of charger and battery is :

So 58.38 - 5.8 - 4.37 = 48.21 $ for the flashlight !
Which leads to the conclusion even if someone will provide this light it will be more expensive that 25 $ and with U4.

For example Brinyte B158 is US$25.00 1-5 pcs, but their shipping price is huge US$14.

The other thing there is no review of this Odepro lights so no one can tell anything about it, while Brinyte b158 is demonstrated good light.

As regards of holes on flashlight you don’t need to use it if you dont like there is a space below it ( where is it written Brinyte ), so you can attach a holder on that space, it have 2.5 cm. As far as regarding of weight b158 is 260 gr heavy and without that part it is easier for 10-20gr which is ridiculously.

So please stick to the topic we can open other topic if anyone want to discuss about prices and differences about Brinyte and Odepro.


Hi vidramon,
please sign me up for 1, thanks.

One for me too