Group buy feeler, Kaidomain Nichia 219A 92 CRI 4500K bare emitter

In talking with Alysonhe from Kaidomain, he said their supplier need 50pc order to supply NVSL219A-H1 SW45 (B10 or B11).

If we can show there is enough demand for the bare emitter they may stock it. So, please register your interest here. I will send a link to this thread to him if there is enough interest.

Almost interested. IS has such great customer service & we can trust their specs more.

KD’s distributor sort of needs to tell them what forward voltage rank they have. IlluminationSupply has rank L 2.7 - 3.1v. The other rank (M 3.1 - 3. 5v) will lose brightness quicker on our usual setups (7135 driver, 1 li-ion). Voltage rank seems more important then B10 or B11 brightness bin. What do you all think?

Might be a good deal for all the non-US members. I buy from IS, because they are US based, but for anywhere else, you all could probably get a very good price for them.

I think it would be great if they can supply these, more so if the voltage rank is the better one. But being in Europe, even if the voltage rank can not be guaranteed I still think that it would be very nice if KD stocks this led. I'll be in for at least 10. Thanks for the effort Chloe :-)

how much will each one cost?

In for $20-25 worth of emitters!

Thanks for doing this Chloe!

If it’s guaranteed NVSL219A-H1 SW45 B11 in the low voltage version (L), brightness bin 11 and 4500K cct, i would be in for at least 5 pieces. If it’s less than $5 a piece, it’ll be more like 10 pieces. But as i wrote, only if it’s guaranteed the version in question, cause i would use them to replace a lot of XP-G R5s in various (too) cold tints. :wink:

Any reason they’re unable to supply the newer version ?
Also, Have you tried contacting IS to see if they’re able to do us a deal here ?
Note down the bottom it mentions that 100+ are $2.80 and 25-99 is $2.98?

I’d presume it would be less then $4 each. KD is already selling it on a star for $4. Nichia CRI92 NVSL219A-H1 B11 LED 14.5 x 1mm Star

The 219B R85? :bigsmile: Shhh. They might not have noticed that one.

Looks promising (if the advertised data is correct and real! ;)) but is it really the version with the lower Vf? :santa:

Yea, I do wonder if we can trust their specs. Others have said they are not that good with specs. Plus its a rather exact top tier led we want. SW45, Rank L, B10 or B11.

B11 is the highest brightness bin for 219A 92cri. The brand new 219B R85 can go a bit higher in lumens (if its really available yet in high bin, top voltage rank & in quantity). (same LEDs also available on a series board, same price)

I have some of the 219A B10s from I.S., they're... not very bright, I don't think just the next higher bin of B11 would be enough of a difference to bother with. The 219Bs might be a different story (I have some of those too, but not used them yet).

I thought that the OP was about these new 219B's, I must have read it wrong. That actually changes it for me. Chloe, could you ask for the newest and brightest 92CRI 4500K Nichia 219 ? I am still confused what its full name is, but I guess that it is the new one that IS sells as well (and is on backorder :-( ).

edit: The one I.S. had for a limited time (now sold out/no longer listed) is NVSL219BT 4500K, 92 CRI, D220

Chloe, if you ask about the 219B, ask for its voltage rank please. :bigsmile:

Comfychair, do you recall the forward voltage IS had for their 219B? I saw it listed but didn’t actually copy it down.

I’ll throw some links to their specs in here. KD gives the japanese links.
NVSL219A-H1 specs datasheet link
NVSL219B specs R85 datasheet link

No, all I have is what's in the confirmation email:

Nichia NVSL219BT 4500K, 92 CRI, D220 Bin -Bare (Limit 5 per person) (NVSL219BT Bare)

Here Calvin says "fitted with the latest Nichia NVSL219BT SW45 D220 LEDs, the successor to the popular NVSL219AT-H1 with lower VF and higher output." And over at The Bad Place he links to .pdf for NVSL219B-R85-E. I guess if you know the voltage bin for the old 219As you might could narrow down which applies to the 219B, I have tried to figure out the Nichia docs until my head hurts, and the best conclusion I can come to is that the Nichia folks hail from some strange parallel universe. (to be fair my head was hurting already before I started, but it's worse now)

Yea, nichia datasheets are a bit different then cree’s.
Thank you for looking.

I know it should be rank L1 2.8 - 3.0v but I just felt like I saw something different on the IS 219B page. I’m likely mistaken. The 2.8 might have made it look higher then 219A at first glance. 219A is rated at 350mA whereas 219B is rated at 700mA.

Standard hoilday headache or something special? :weary: I would offer some eggnog but I don’t know if that would make it better or worse.

in if 219B D220 :open_mouth:

i’m in for 35$ including shipping IF they are capable of THIS
now, if this numbers are correct:1224 lumens from three emiters im fine with that…