Group Buy Feeler: SupFire M6 XML-2 - [CLOSED]

Is there a link to the F9 as I cant seem to find it?

I would potentially be in for one. Would depend on a few things regarding the “custom driver” though. What is the UI, modes etc.? Are they just reprogramming it? Can the PWM be changed?

I can’t find many link to F9 either:
Aliexpress_Supfire F9
Supfire F9 giveaway

sounds interesting but they didn’t change the driver and just upgrade the led without tint option?
must rethink :~

Might be interested to get one shipped to Western Europe.

How’s the heat management on these? What is the overall quality of the Supfire products (led centering, machining on the body etc.)? What would the custom modes be? The 3 sec. to switch modes is kinda a turn off….

theres all sorts of heat data in the reaistor mod thread i linked above. the quality of the host is by far some of the best in the budget world. have not heard of any issues with un centered emitters, and i think the only issues was 2 broken lenses from shipping that was taken care of by supfire.

I would go for an M6, but only if they can offer neutral white (3C or 4C maybe) XM-L2. Any other “tint snobs” please stand up…

+1 mr.Admin
been a loyalist of NW and WW tint since Fenix LD40

I’d take a modified one, I’m in the UK though, does that matter?

So the first shipping quote I received for the L1 and F9 were way too high. I asked that Supfire review them and luckily the new figures were better.

The F9 cost will be $21 + $7 shipping = $28 total shipped worldwide.

The L1 cost will be $50 + 13.50 shipping = $63.50 shipped worldwide. (it weighs nearly double that of the M6)

There is a 50 unit order minimum PER PIECE not a mixed SKU total.

The FAQ in the OP has been updated and should answer all the questions posted to date. Unfortunately NW Tints are not an option. The only information the have on the XML2 is the temperature is 5000k. Pricing including shipping costs for the L1 and F9 have been added. If the group wants to go with a custom driver, that is an option and the modes can be decided on with some limitations i.e. moonlight and hidden strobe modes are not available.

Definitely possible but there would be the matter of return shipping cost from Pulsar. It could add $15-20 to your cost.

can they sell us extra driver? :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks. I’ll have a think. I’ll take one either way but just need to decide on modded or not.

1x SupFire F9 to Slovenia (EU)

I would be in for the F9 and might go for the L1 also.

I have the M6 for the Group Buy and they are worth the price.
Very high quality and feels great in your hand.

Have not modded it, as of today :slight_smile:

In for one M6. To Utah. :slight_smile:

Do I just keep checking back here to see if the GB happens?

If there is enough interest, I will open a separate sales thread with the information for placing a paid order.

Can you put me up as a "maybe" for one in stock form? I'm on the fence about spending that much. I do think it's worth it, but it's just above my usual spending limit for a light. Also depends on how quickly my funds are replenished after all this Christmas shopping.

Any idea on what the intention is for the custom modes? No blinkies? 4 output levels? 3?


Sure np. FlashPilot suggested the custom modes so perhaps he can share his thoughts on what might work best? Without moonlight or hidden strobe the interest might not be there, combined with getting everyone to agree on one set, stock may be the path of least resistance. I am not really expecting to start taking orders until after Christmas, maybe even the first of the year. Just depends on how much and how quickly interest builds.