Group Buy Feeler: SupFire M6 XML-2 - [CLOSED]

Update 1/12: This GB has been tabled due to not enough interest.

Hello All,

Pulsar and I have been working with SupFire to offer a second group buy opportunity on the well regarded M6. SupFire has agreed to upgrade the emitter to XML-2's with a minimum order of 50 pieces.

SupFire M6 Product Link:

Cost: $40.00 US + $8.50 shipping via HK Post worldwide.

Pulsar will be offering a 0.03 Resistor Mod for $18.00 (USCON return shipping is included, international shipping would be extra) Additional resistor options could be available so feel free to inquire with any special requests.

To gauge interest and make sure we can get to 50 units before opening up for paid orders, please post how many light you would like to buy, country shipping destination and if you would like them modded. If it looks like the buy is a go, I will open up a sales link at my store.




  • The driver is stock original and has not been upgraded by Supfire with the new XML-2 LED. They have stated both are rated 10W and therefore the original driver is fine.
  • A custom mode driver option is available. There is a 50 unit minimum order required with the custom driver. The modes are TBD. Moonlight and hidden strobe modes are not available. Stock is 5 mode H/M/L/Strobe/SOS.
  • Custom modes will delay shipping.
  • The tail cap is glued. An unglued host is not a option unfortunately.
  • The XML-2 is rated at 5000k Cool White. ANSI information is not available. No other tints are available.
  • The price for each light is fixed and not based on total quantity ordered individually or by the group.
  • The driver alone is not available for purchase.
  • Factory resistor mod is not an option.
  • There is a 50 unit minimum per piece M6 stock, with custom driver or for the L1 or F9.
  • Supfire L1: $50 + 13.50 shipped worldwide. Shipping weight is double that of the M6.
  • Supfire F9: $21 + 7.00 shipped worldwide.
F9 Review:
F9 Product Page (requires translation):
L1 Product Page (requires translation):
Through Post 108
M6: 24 F9: 2 L1: 1

13/USA 13/Intl 6/Mod 4/Driver

Driver got upgraded as well?

I will also be figuring out the best way to remove the tail cap without damage. I had tried a quick boil with mine, but I broke one of my strap wrenches so its on hold until wednesday til I get a new one

I am going to be using r030 resistors, so it should have a tad more output than stacking 3x r100 resistors in each resistor bank. I am doing it this way because I am kind of anal, and not a big fan of stacking unless needed.

Cost break down:

$2.34 + shipping for the resistors

$10 labor for adding the resistors (and hopefully removing the tail cap if I can find a safe way)

$4-6 for return shipping CONUS.

If you would rather have one r050 or one r100 per bank installed for longer run time and less heat, make sure you post your preference so I know what to order

_the_ had posted a great chart showing the results from resistor modding the XML version, it should give us an idea of what to expect. I will find it later and update this post

I hope he does not mind the quoted PM, dont think he will.

That is with just three stacked r100 chips per bank and xml2 swap, no other resistance mods. The one r030 should be a hair more than that.

They are still using the original driver.

I love my M6! Thanks for doing this for us Mike & Pulsar. :bigsmile: This is really great news!. Im definitely interested, but what are the chances of them making a special run with a 4 mode driver? H/M/L/Candle. Hidden strobe would be that much better but not necessary. It doesnt hurt to ask…

Also ask them not to use glue anywhere on the host.

Do you know which bin and tint XM-L2 will be supplied?

They wont budge on the glue... Though I would really appreciate it if they would ditch it

I have asked multiple times for LED Tint specifics but the question is still pending. I have not inquired regarding the possibility of a custom driver but I can ask. The tail cap will be glued. Supfire cannot/will not ship unglued tail caps due to the design of the light unfortunately. I will update the OP with any details learned.

(2) M6, U.S., one modded r03, prefer neutral tint option
(1) L1

Thanks Mike for doing this! :slight_smile:

definitely will take 1 or more if the price drop even lower :slight_smile: thanks pulsar and mike for doing group buy. if anything with the seller trying to get much profit as possible, I wouldn’t be surprised if they using XM-L2 T6 ( the lowest )
BTW any news regarding their new one SupFire L1?
maybe discount if we buy both lights?

The price is fixed. I kept it bare bones to get any many people involved as possible. I have not made an inquiry on the L1. I do know they would like to me the offer the F9. I will get prices on both. The original XML was a T6 so your guess is quite plausible.

is the driver the same one as the skyray king?

its not the same driver as the king.

this has the details on the resistor mod, and detailed pictures

if i had the skills to solder resistors i would be down for one but i am gorilla fingers LOL.

Pulsar's magic touch is the solution for you - and me.

I'll take one to the USA.

@ least one

Thanks for the responses.

FAQ has been updated.

  • Custom 4 mode driver is available a min 50 unit order of lights with the custom driver, however hidden strobe and moonlight mode are not possible. Stock driver is 5 mode. H/M/L/Strobe/SOS.
  • Supfire is not aware of ANSI ratings. Temperature is 5000k, no other specifics are available.
  • L1 is available for $50 plus shipping; F9 $21 plus shipping. 50 units each is the minimum order. Waiting for shipping fee confirmation.

Jump on this while you can guys!

I really like my M6 from the previous GB and it’s a heck of a light. :slight_smile:

hmm… if L1 is $50, I rather take L1 instead :smiley:
any discount if we buy both lights?