Group buy for JETbeam SRA40 AA light coupon code available now :)

Hehe… maybe I have too much time on my side before I leave the country… I want to see if there’s anyone else is also interested with this light Jetbeam SRA40
I always wanted this light for awhile now…although I already had few compact 4 AA lights such as Nitecore EA4, Sunwayman D40A ( from groupbuy ), Sunwayman F40A,and Starry light FA 22 ( BLF edition group buy) :bigsmile:

So as usual… if you’re interested, even if you semi interested or maybe interested depending on the price :bigsmile:
Please post your comment in the thread so they will get the idea about how many people have interest with this light and they will consider giving great discount on this light ( crossing fingers) :slight_smile:

Little info on this JETbeam SRA40: LED: XM-L2 T6 960 Lumen Rechargeable LED Flashlight, no clue regarding if this one come in NW or not :bigsmile:

Product name: JETBeam SRA40 XM-L2 T6 LED Flashlight
Emitter Brand/Type: XM-L2 T6
Color BIN: white
Material: lightweight aircraft grade aluminum alloy
Total Emitters: 1
Max Output: 960Lumen
Maximum Range: 390meter
Mode: 3 modes: high/mid/low ( no strobes? yay! )
Waterproof: IPX8
Finish: Wear-resisting catch three army grey hardening surface finish ( do they mean HA III? )
Lens: Double sided coating scratch-resistant optical lens
Battery Configurations: 4xAA(not included)
Switch Type: Double switch
Color: Black
Weight: 245g(net weight)
Size: 125x48x43(mm)

Easy access to 3 levels of outputs with innovative dual switches
Precision Digital Technology’ achieves a max run time of 45 hours
Crystal Coating Technology’ provides extreme reflector performance of 390m beam distance
Ergonomic design with four-side milling and traditional knurling
Intelligent charging function
Low power LED indicator shows the condition of power
Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with double-sided anti-reflective coating ensures the highest optical efficiency and light transmittance
Waterproof to IPX-8 standards (2 meters under water)
Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Tail stand capability
Impact resistance: 1.5 meters

Package Included:
1 x JETBeam SRA40 XM-L2 T6 LED Flashlight
1 x Charger
1 x O ring
1 x Strap

And if you own one of this light please feel free to comment on Pros and Cons on this light to help us decide to get this light or not :smiley:

EDIT got the okay to post the price of the group buy it’s $ 64.99 and the coupon code is SRA40
Review here by UPz
Video review by selfbuilt here

Size reference

Hopefully this feeler will gather significant interests before the end of this week or the 24th of this month , so I can order this light ( with cheaper price than advertised of course :wink: ) with expedited shipping, so I still have time to receive it and I can bring it to Asia with me. :smiley:


1) Daylighter
2) jmpaul320
3) shimey
4) ChibiM
5) antiparanoico
6) TexasToasted
7) syracuse
8 ) gouldy
9) zelee
10) Pok

maybe :slight_smile:


Daylighter, are you coming to Asia? Did you hear about the BLF meeting in Tokyo on June 28th? Ohaya an I are having a little BLF meeting at Akihabara in the afternoon :)


Oh, and can you PM me the price?

Depending on the price…

I just pre-ordered a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Amoled tablet so my toy money is wiped out, but this is a really nice looking light. Get us a good price and I’ll try to scrape up the funds.

Would love too but June 28th I’m still here, I’m not leaving until July 2nd, oh boy why I didn’t think of that… I should have booked with JAL so I can have lay over in japan for 1 night :wink:

I’ll be in Indonesia for some volunteer work and then go to Bali for a month and after that I’ll be in Hong kong for 7 days
you can meet me in HK in August if you want… hehe :bigsmile:


Remember this is only a feeler, you have no obligation to buy… but it will help in deciding the price factor :wink:


daylighter would you mind PM the price?
and do this light available in NW tint?

maybe we will cross each other without knowing we are BLF member 8)
need a BLF flag when travelling :smiley:

most likely it’s going to be CW I don’t see there’s any info regarding this light available in NW

Maybe :slight_smile:

Got the okay to post the price… it’s $ 64.99… sorry that’s the lowest we can get our hand on JETbeam SRA40 0:)
Now waiting for the coupon code :bigsmile:

Thats pretty bloody low. Cheapest Ive seen was $80.

Who is the vendor for this deal?

Where you at? :smiley:

Banggood… they’re stepping up to the plate as one of the cheapest vendor around :smiley: