【Group Buy】LT1S Pro with Anduril2, Nichia 519A + 660nm Red LEDs

Guys, it seems people love LT1S but complain about it non-Anduril.

Now we are trying best to create LT1S Pro with Anduril2, and use Nichia 519A leds + 660 nm Deep Red leds

Sofirn engineer will bring driver design soon in reality, then a prototype.

I appreciate gchart’s help with this project.

Hope you guys will like LT1S Pro as LT1 years ago. Leave a comment if you are interested.

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… And definitely interested. I love lanterns. :heart_eyes:

I'm interested, depending on the group buy price.

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It would be awesome if you could alter the design of the tailcap so that is has a small tripod mount hole. There appears to be enough clearance to allow a 21700 cell to fit. Perhaps the springs may need to be shorter.

Interested. I was just posting on chooly’s video that I would miss candle mode on the Lt1s


Interested as well

Anduril 2 AND 519A? I'm interested.

Very interested!

Sign me up!!

Interested depending on the price



Interested depending on price


Interested. I can also help with the firmware, if you like.

Very interested.

Very interested! Anduril is the very reason I decided against the original LT1S. Lanterns are so perfect for candle mode.