GROUP BUY - XTAR VP2 charger (3.6V/4.2V/4.35V) UPDATE 22 dec price $26.79 coupon received

There is a possibility to organize a group buy for a new charger XTAR VP2:

Review - Review of Charger Xtar VP2

The final price will depend on the number of people willing:
11 and more – $29
21 and more – $27.5
31 and more – $26.79

UPDATE 10 DEC 2014
Package Contents: 1 x Battery Charger, 1 x US Adapter, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x Car Charger
Shop authorized to give information about price freely available (see above).
The chargers from gearbest

UPDATE 12 DEC 2014
Now about 50pcs in stock. After your payment within 3-5 days charger will be sent.
About EU plug – it possible (already contact supplier). PM to me EU or US plug.

UPDATE 22 DEC 2014
A bit sad news. Supplier said that EU plug will not be shipped to Chinese sellers. Only for European sellers. Therefore it is possible to order only US plug. But gearbest pleaded guilty and promised to add free EU adapter. And given the coupon for $26.79 without waiting 30 wishing. I did a mailing to all comers. Anyone who wants to join, send me a PM

Want to buy:

  1. beej
  2. meti (EU plug)
  3. syracuse (US plug)
  4. Dru_dragon
  5. Techk (EU plug)
  6. my9221 (US plug)
  7. vladraq (EU plug)
  8. ilovejesuschrist
  9. igor0203 (EU plug)
  10. gehrmo
  11. syadasti (US plug)
  12. tkmckay (US plug)
  13. antiparanoico (EU plug)
  14. tryps (EU plug)
  15. RaceR86 (EU plug)
  16. Diiaboliik (EU plug)
  17. dolbysys (EU plug)
  18. Cliwilnew (US plug)
  19. Nguyen (US plug)
  20. vyvyra (EU plug)
  21. bkling (EU plug)
  22. xelario (EU plug)
  23. Calmaja (EU plug)
  24. chenko (EU plug)
  25. Bar co (EU plug)
  26. Firtop (US plug)
  27. jack83

Pm sent

PM sent

Pm sent. Might be interested. From where please?

pm sent

PM sent

PM sent

Which vendor?

PM sent.
I’m in.

PM sent. Which vendor please?

This is the first GB for us. Will shipping be extra or included?

Thank you.

Usually, new members should introduce themselves first! Or if you are seller (since you only have 4 started threads, 2 about the sale and other 2 you deleted!!!) then you should post in Commercial Seller forum!!!


PM sent

Put me down for one, if theres more interest I might get 2.

PM sent

PM sent

Totally agree with Sirius9.

4 Post and a link to other member review for me it’s not enough.
I know it’s not fair to be so suspicious but more info+presentation on sellers spot on the forum could help this GB.

beej, do you represent a company?

Put me down for one.

One for me please!