groupbuy (ALIVE) NEW Lumintop Tool AA

Deal is alive!

i send the mails asap

@ M4D M4X
Any new on LEDs and/or Tints available? Also, the “package” includes both clicky and twisty switches?

And last, on your table a “battery” is mentioned. Does it come with the package or its mentioned just to specify that the output and runtime tests were made with that battery?

I may be really interested in this one! I’m liking it :+1:

the light is quite new

i assume Lumintop may add more tint and LED options as well as maybe other materials like copper IF the AA sells to their expectations....

the battery field is just to inform which size can be used generally

Thanks for answering! I’ve just seen your e-mail :wink:
One question more: does the deal exist just in the pre-order or it will be maintained after the light being released?

I’m sorry but it is the first time I’m using a code/coupon and it is also the first time I’ll probably acquire something through a pre-order!

Thanks again for the deal :wink:

Hopefully they’ll also revise the UI so low mode isn’t redundantly bright.

Martin, did I get a mail too? (I was not over the moon for this light, but still interested :slight_smile: )

did you put your mail on the form?

or do you need a PM?

Ah, that’s it, forgot to fill in the form :person_facepalming: . Will do it now :slight_smile:

Just purchased a Lumintop Tool AA. Thanks Martin. Was hoping Lumintop would create a AA size tool for a longtime. Most likely will buy more in the future.

got it? :)

:+1: pre-ordered, thanks!

hey guys -

if you use the mail field to enter things like: "I'm in if with Nichia emitter" of leave it empty does not help atm ;)
i do not know whom to inform and you think i am an *** cause you never get a mail from me.

IF there are future editions with other LEDs and material i will post it somehow

you could also join my blog or facebook page to see the updates asap ;)


Received the coupon and ordered it :smiley:

Also ordered.

Hoping I can open it and stick in an XPG3 for a bit more output and throw.

Order it… wanted some more AA



have all of you put your data into the form?

who does not want to use a mail please PM me.

My email is added in the form :+1:

Received email and pre-ordered 1, Thank you. I will test it out and see how stock is, may or may not end up sending it to Vinh to mod haha only time will tell.