groupbuy: nitecore EC4S (active 24/7 - end date added)


Neal confirmed that the code is

available until 15th November 2015 - 24/7 hours

so you can order when you want!

and by the end of October the light can be ordered from US and UK warehouse with a small priceupgrade!


hey guys!

a real groupbuy starts with a “interested“ list... (otherwise i would be a “code beside MAP sneaking thread - which should be placed in the commercial thread of the involved seller)

to start negotiate a good deal for us i need a number of members who want to buy for the lowest price possible now.

please post your interest below with a reasonable pricewish

stage 2 will be PMing the prices and building the buyers list

stage 3 is sending codes when goal is reached

UPDATE 16.10.2015

PMs with price and codes sent today!

interested members:

  1. akhyar ~65
  2. DanielM
  3. zelee 50-60
  4. keengeorge
  5. monanza ~60
  6. monanza
  7. g_sintornillos ~50
  8. thomashf 50-55
  9. mikeyx 60
  10. uqs1000
  11. Ewen 50-70
  12. archimedes
  13. blueb8llz 50
  14. Aardvark 50
  15. thell_gti 50
  16. unknown00101 55
  17. chuckhov 60
  18. saypat 50
  19. fonfan
  20. TomaK
  21. MagPap 50
  22. Juggeli 50
  23. MaciekB 60
  24. beaconterraone
  25. Copperhead 50
  26. I_SpY 50
  27. jmpaul320
  28. bugsy
  29. will34 55-60
  30. jpil 50
  31. Nguyen
  32. KiwiKane
  33. bakalakos 50
  34. awoody001
  35. pix 50
  36. iron potato
  37. Angel Martínez
  38. Gerrit 60
  39. lemfred
  40. dodo
  41. shrike3612
  42. ahirshy 55-60
  43. ahirshy 50-55
  44. khas 60
  45. tas69 60
  46. juruvi 50
  47. Crimsonnj 50 + free cells
  48. netprince
  49. clagged
  50. GuyLian (real life contact)
  51. Marcos 55
  52. johnnie
  53. kralyevski
  54. lamper
  55. Blacky
  56. matthew
  57. Blade Runner 7 50
  58. myst999 50
  59. 1dash1 $55.79
  60. xed888 50
  61. Illumination 65
  62. ToastOnFire 55
  63. Skull
  64. JeffN 55
  65. invisiblejules 45
  66. leskoo 50-55

I’m in Martin.

Price wise, since the EC4 can be had for 1/3 off the retail price with discount code or coupon, I think it is reasonable to expect more or less the same discount rate.
So maybe, from RRP of $98, possible to get around $65? :bigsmile:


I’m in depend on the price :wink:
About $50-$60 maybe but if can be lower than that it will be better

I'm in depending on the price

In the neighborhood of $60. Give or take a few dollars. I would be interested in two.

I think it is better we get the BEST price of BG first. Else, it’s basically like they can ‘use’ this information to get a better mark-up on the sales by seeing ‘where’ members judge a ‘fair’ price for the nitecore. It definetely is playing in the hands of the seller as opposed to the buyers of the GB. So, in the best interest of the buyers Madmax, I think it is best to let BG post their BEST PRICE or you communicate them via PM instead of letting them get insight on pricing :slight_smile:
Just my worthless 0.2 lumens :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you can get a better price so we can have a proper “price war”?

a shop can get a better price from the manufacturer in ordering more units…
so he can go deeper for us.

without having a good clue how many items will be sold in short time no reasonable businessman will order the biggest pack to fill the warehouse.
( one could make a ridiculous low price on cells for example and then collect the necessary number of orders before stocking and shipping them… the customers have to wait, but hey! ;))

Oh I see your point Madmax. Valid point but still plays in the hands of BG imho. Lets say members want $60 and you get 50 buyers (both hypothetical of course). In the instance BG gets a really good price and can sell it for say $50 or 55, I doubt they will adjust their prices and ‘eat up’ into their profits.
So, I still believe the idea is a great one (as you said, none will stock many items) but the pricing part plays into their hands instead of going the classic way of say:

20 units - $80
50 units - $70
100 units - $65 etc
All hypothetical prices of course. So, they would have to ‘squeeze up’ their profits to get more people interested. Makes more sense IMHO.

The way above means BG negociates first with vendor for x units and price and comes with its best price.

And DanielM, I am not here to ‘break’ his GB or any other member’s work by going to another vendor to get a better deal of zomgzor $1 off. I have only ever organised one group buy for which I didnot receive ONE CENT (fenix bc30). My sole thought was that the pricing part (members stating their price) should be removed as it is basically playing into the hands of BG at the expense of forum members (expense in the sense of better pricing)

I deeply trust in Neal to be a honest guy :slight_smile:
(otherwise i would not defend banggood that much!)

Consider that we can say we'd like to pay $35 or whatever, but if BG says they'd charge $35 the MAP Nazis stomp on them.

I haven't seen much info on beam pattern, etc.

I agree with you. It reminds me of the S1 where BangGood priced it at $35 because that’s the price people wanted, but then GearBest posted a lower price and then BangGood lowered theirs too.

I am interested depending on price.

I think $50 is a good price.

Well, the EC4 was on sales for $40.99 recently, so $50-55 would be great for the EC4S.
I am in for that price!

I would be in for one if the price was $60



has the issue with the driver efficiency been fixed? see -

specifically THIS

thanks for that question!

i ask for clarification…