HaikeLite Preview for MINI Triple-XHP70 prototypes--Discussion thread

After long-term’s research&development HaikeLite will release 6 brand new LED flashlights in September and October.

Below is our Triple XHP70 prototype

The light have almost finished the QC test. They are very close to mass production.

Since the light showed in picture is a prototype sample, Some details are not so perfect. You can notice some sharp edges on it and dirty spots on reflector. We will update new final sample pictures next week.

HaikeLite Triple XHP70 MINI Monster

Specifications: (info From the prototype, not the final version)

—Emitter: Triple CREE XHP70 N4 CW or N2 NW
—Aluminum Alloy body with HAIII Anodize black surface Finish
—Battery: 4x 18650 High Drain (65mm to 67mm cell length) ; 2S2P configuration
—Anti-Reverse protection
—Switch: Side electrical switch with big Transparent rubber boot
—Aluminium OP Reflector
—Ultra Clear Double-sided AR coated Glass lens (99% Light transmission )
—Double O rings; IPX8 Waterproof
—With standard Tripod hole
—Max Brightness: 8500~9000 Lumens (Max 10.8A on turbo ; have not done the real test, so it’s Pending )
—Max Runtime: 58 days
—Brightness Level: (Digital current regulation)
Low 0.1A 80lumens; Low:0.5A 400lumens Middle 1A 800 Lumens ; High 3A 2400 Lumens ; Hidden moonlight 0.7mA- 2 Lumens ; Turbo—8500~9000 Lumens

— Timed thermal stepdown and thermal regulation …

Size: 127mm length x 72mm Head x 50mm body
Weight:600 Gram


Single Click-on ; Single Click-off

Hidden Moonlight (press and hold switch in off status; easy to access)

Low Low-Low-Mid -High-turbo (Long press to change modes ; with last mode memory)

Quick acess to Turbo (Double click in any mode easy to access) ; Turbo can be memorized.

Click+hold+flash signal to lockout the light; Repeat to unlock. Tailcap-lockout also available

Switch LED indicator:

100~50 power: Blue LED on
50~9 power: Blue LED flash twice every 2 seconds

Blow 9% power: The flashlight will flash fast and step-down to moonlight.

Internal parts:

40mm Haike Copper DTP Emitter board
20 gauge thick copper+silver wires
5mm thick internal integrated emitter shelf
Double silver-plating copper-alloy springs

Double Sling Holes ; Enable a camera strap to fit this light.

Final version will be Blue switch-LED.

The left one is HaikeLite XHP70 Thrower

MT03 CW 7000K CRI75

Light up a huge area

Compare with A car High-beams ; MT03 is double brighter than the Car High-beams

Beam in the woods

the dark road at night

MT03 lights up the road

HaikeLite MT07 Buffalo single XHP70 thread link:

Wow, price range?


Would be very reasonable . Some guy in forum will do test review first.

Nice design, especially for triple XHP70 version.

look nice

looks very nice!
Can’t wait for the reviews!

Looking forward to the price & review.

It looks good you are using all custom made parts.I can do the review if you need some one.

Looks like a decent light, especially the cooling fins seem great. Can’t wait for real-world experiences and user feedback.

Nice! Looks really interesting.

Please give review copies to Budda & Maukka, they do great reviews :slight_smile:

Wow, what a beauty!!
Both new lights looking very good, I`m interested if the price is hot! :wink:

Why 8500 lumens and not MOARRR?? :smiling_imp:

Interested to see reviews and a price. Looks good so far. Will the leds be mounted on DTP copper stars?

LED mounted on 40mm DTP copper stars

Looking good

The triple XHP 70 looks great.

Sounds good!

Edit: just saw where that was posted in the OP, I completely missed that to begin with.

Yep, this one I’ll follow closely with great interest!

Whats the longer light with the rectangular double button switch?