HaikeLite XHP70 Thrower Prototype Sneak Preview

This is another XHP70 prototype sample from HaikeLite

The light showed in pictures is a prototype sample, Some details are not so perfect. We will update new final sample pictures next week.

Specifications: (info From the prototype, not the final version)

—Emitter: CREE XHP70 N4 CW CRI75 or N2 NW CRI80
—Aluminum Alloy body with HAIII Anodize black surface Finish
—Battery: 4× 18650 High Drain Battery: 4x High Drain >10A Flat Top 18650 ( Recommend standard flat-top Samsung/LG/Sanyo 18650 )
—Anti-reverse Protection
—Double Electric side switch ; One for ON/OFF , One for mode-changing
—Deep and Big Aluminium light-OP Reflector
—Ultra clear Double-sided AR coated toughened Glass lens (99% light transimision)
—Double O rings; IPX8 Waterproof(test passed );
—With standard Tripod hole
—Max Brightness: 5000 Lumens
—Shot distance: 750 meters
—Max Runtime: 98 days on moonlight mode
—Current Regulation; Without Visable PWM
—Brightness Level:
Low Low 50lumens;
Low 450 Lumens ;
Middle 1000 Lumens ;
High 2000 Lumens;
Turbo 5000lumen
—Timed Themal regulation Step down

Mode memory in above levels

Double click Turbo—5000lumens (quick access to turbo at any status)

Hidden moonlight-0.2 lumens ; ; Hidden Stroble - Hidden SOS

Size: 173mm length x 86mm Head x 55mm body
NetWeight:810 Gram


Switch 1:
Single Click-on ; Single Click-off ;

Quick Acess Turbo (Double click switch 1 in any status to acess; easy to access)
Long-press to Strobe; Long-press again to SOS; Single click to previous memorized mode

Switch 2:

Low Low-Low-Mid -High-Turbo (single click to change modes ; with last mode memory)

Hidden Moonlight 0.2 lumens (fast double click switch 2 to acess moonlight, Single click to previous memorized mode)

Memory modes: Low Low-Low-Mid -High-Turbo + OFF

Lockout function: Click+hold switch 2 to lockout the light; Repeat to unlock. Tailcap-lockout also available

Power indicator:
50~100 Blue LED ON
50~9 Blue LED flash twice every 10 seconds
9%~Turn off Red LED flash twice every 10 seconds

Internal parts:

72mm inner wide x 68mm deep Reflector (make it a super thrower)
35mm Haike Copper DTP Emitter board
18 gauge thick copper+silver wires
8mm thick internal emitter-sitting disk
Double Silver-plating copper-alloy springs

Some beam shot (Please ignore the red-color switch led on the proto; final products are with Blue color switch)

MT07 CW VS Car High-beam (MT07 much brighter and much much longer distance )

A iron tower (400m-500m away)

MT07 light up the tower

More pics updating

Thanks to all :slight_smile:

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XHP35 HI for a thrower,any reflector pics?

Both! Very nice, can you make a smooth reflector for it too as an option or an added purchase? Is the 2S2P a battery carrier or battery tube set-up?

Not a problem, but smooth reflector has a xhp70 dark-cross. Do you mind that?


Will post some photos of the reflector on Monday.


Nope I do not mind, I can deal with it! But if you make XHP35 go with smooth reflector and a 4S set up 2.5amps with a Buck driver or push for a little more with a linear driver!!


What a nice light - I would prefer to have a choice when buying the product- but if you’d to make an engineering decision I would go for the XHP70. the cross is not that visible in the review lights I had, especially in the forest/woods/outdoors. White-wall hunters will see it though.

not battery carrier… i need to post a photo to explain.

Cool, post away!!

Thanks tech

I agree with you. Spare SMO reflector will be available.

Dark-cross of XHP70 can only be seen when you are close it to a white wall. When using it outdoors, the dark-cross can barely been seen. We did a light-OP finish to the reflector in order to save some lumen-loss.

I imagine they use a battery solution like jetbeam T6. More easy compared with battery holder but a 4s configuration would be better for 12v leds (xhp35).
Anyway nice approach :slight_smile:

Yes liking it a lot, 8mm thick emitter shelf, bypassed copper alloy springs, 40mm DTP emitter board, whats not to like!! :+1: 18awg leads for the XHP70 would be better, IMHO but at 6 amps 20awg will do, unless you plan on pumping it up a bit more?

yes the specs are amazing ,if you need reviewers we are here :slight_smile:

With xhp35 hi will have better throw i think.

I sent a pm with a question also Haikelite .

Use a premium thermal paste/grease, make the mcpcb pocket tight to hold centering the LED and screw down the emitter board for better thermal transfer, and also not to allow the board to twist and possibly cut the LED leads, would be a couple other suggestions…if your not doing this already?

Like to see pictures of the base of the reflector too…

Nice, will keep an eye on this.

“8mm thick internal emitter-sitting disk”

Why not integrate head design?

Having an option for XHP35 and XHP70 would be nice. It looks really good…

Watching with great interest.

For an XHP70 thrower, would prefer an option to be supplied with both smooth & OP reflectors.