Haikelite Released New Light HT90 Spec 20k Lumens 650k Candela

Guys, Haikelite just released this new light with 4xG90 leds, aim to achieve 20k lumens 650kcd. Head diameter is 95mm. So far no info about levels and UI yet.
I was thinking to get the HT50Pro, but now decided to get this HT90 instead.


Ohhhhh we have to review that one! :D

Haikelite has just updated the page with some info.

Turbo(double click):20000 lm

No runtime info for all these levels. Turbo steps down to 4000lm, and can last for 85 minutes at this 4000lm.

It has both ramping mode and step mode. While it is on, triple click to switch between mode.

Haikelite is always the best innovative brand in the experimentation of new LEDs and in the combination of these to create advanced flashlights, with the other brands wait 1 or 2 years for a novelty that is not new, instead Haikelite offers you 4 or 5 models per year all highly performing with new LEDs.

Ya, I read from Tieba that Haikelite going to release a 55k lumens flashlight this year. Not sure it’s real plan or not. I think most likely Haikelite will use China LEDs to make it at least 30% cheaper than other similar lights. 55k lumens below USD200 will be attractive.

[quote=DENGOH] Sì, ho letto da Tieba che Haikelite rilascerà una torcia da 55k lumen quest'anno. Non sono sicuro che sia un vero piano o meno. Penso che molto probabilmente Haikelite utilizzerà i LED cinesi per renderlo almeno il 30% più economico rispetto ad altre luci simili. 55.000 lumen inferiori a 200 USD saranno interessanti. [/quote]

I hope that someone (Nealsgadget) will ship all these Haikelite news to Europe because otherwise I don't know where to buy them because there are not all the models in AliExpress, could you tell me where to buy them if Neal decides not to sell them on his site?

For Haikelite, can try asking the Taobao shop I shared above. Not sure if seller or Taobao platform ship to Europe or not.

I think they only ship to China, but I could be wrong. Typically, you see these lights on Nealsgadgets (Nightwatch, etc) since he is a seller within China.

Some sellers do ship outside China. It is either handled by Taobao platform or the seller arrange the shipment. If Taobao does not handle the shipment, it will still let us buy it but has an option to discuss shipment with seller. The latter is based on trust and risk taking. If Neal carries these newer lights, that would be safer choice.

I’ve always liked Haikelite. Always innovating and trying new things while keeping the basics in line. Early adopter of new LEDs as well as USB-C charging. I really like my MT90r and HK50. It doesn’t get the respect from this forum as it deserves :slight_smile:

[quote=DENGOH] Alcuni venditori effettuano spedizioni al di fuori della Cina. È gestito dalla piattaforma Taobao o dal venditore che organizza la spedizione. Se Taobao non gestisce la spedizione, ci consentirà comunque di acquistarla ma ha un'opzione per discutere la spedizione con il venditore. Quest'ultimo si basa sulla fiducia e sull'assunzione di rischi. Se Neal portasse queste nuove luci, sarebbe una scelta più sicura. [/quote]

I wrote to Neal asking if he plans to sell these 2 new Haikelite products on his website and he said yes so I just have to wait a few weeks ... I'm happy !!!

Haikelite is one of my favorite brand too. And its flashlight comes with 3000mAh 21700 that can discharge at 60A. I always buy its flashlight using its own battery to be safe on the performance.
Haikelite USB-C charging is better than Convoy. Convoy’s USB-C charging can only work with USB-A to USB-C cable.

That’s good news. :+1:

Someone posted this and say it is the coming Haikelite HK10, going to be 10x XHP70.2 or XHP70.3.
But I think most likely it will be China version of LED, else hard to make it low price enough.
Other info is 600W 60k lumens.

[quote=DENGOH] Qualcuno ha pubblicato questo messaggio dicendo che è il prossimo Haikelite HK10, che sarà 10x XHP70.2 o XHP70.3. Ma penso che molto probabilmente sarà la versione cinese del LED, altrimenti è difficile renderlo abbastanza basso. Altre informazioni sono 600W 60k lumen. !{width:90%}https://lh3.googleusercontent.

I can't see the image you posted ...


Is it okay now? It is just a pic of the reflector.

I can see it now.

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[quote=DENGOH] Va tutto bene ora? È solo una foto del riflettore. [/quote]

I see it too.