Happy with My Last Lightmalls Order

2013 has not been a good year for Rusty. He started going into it with the flu, bronchitis, then pneumonia which he finally whipped, and now he is facing surgery on disks L4 and L5 for severe herniation (feels kinda cool to refer to yourself in the first person while loopy on pain meds! :p)

But drugs to help fight near-constant pain is only one tool to help get cheered up if you’re a flashturbator. I was happy to get my latest shipment from Lightmalls this morning of 2 x C8 U3s, one 502B U3, another HD2010 (in stealthy black), an Intellicharger for a buddy, and several other Q5s and T6 XM-Ls. All were well-packaged and aside from a couple dings on the 2010, the order was perfect and arrived pretty fast. The 502b wasn’t as hard-driven as it needed to be, but it is a formidable contender still.

So if you are looking for a killer budget C8, try the U3 from Lightmalls. You don’t get any more reasonable of a bargain. It’s as throwy as my UF V3 and even brighter. It’d estimate right at that 1,050ish lumen mark otf. I’m really digging the performance. They are both driven exactly the same and appear to come from the same batch. No oddities or junky peculiarities as with many of our Chinese toys. They actually appeared to straight-up whip the HD2010, and this 2010 is well-driven like my first with very cool white tint, no ugly yellow (and oddly, the more expensive HD2010 from Lightmalls has a better finish and feels lighter than the others). Been at the docs nearly all day, but maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get out and play.

I was happy to get my latest shipment from Lightmalls this morning of 2 x C8 U3s

See, I told ya…do get well, I would send you some of my VA happy pills, but the Feds would not like that…

Damn them! We’ll trash the place in protest! lol

I try not to rely on them, but these are not the best days. Maybe the high from LED light absorbed through the eyes will be enough for the lesser bad days. I’m thinking so.

Glad to see you posting Rusty! Get better! Keep enjoying those lights too!