HD2010 - where to buy ?

Mines from Tmart and is an UltraFire.

Tmart sells BOTH UltraFire and TangsFire. It seems most of the UltraFire’s sold a while back were gray, as was mine. Now I don’t see gray for either brand.

Apart from lightmalls, is there anyone else who sells the black version?

Tmart. Perfect condition. 4 days. Sturdy white box (not like the flimsy Chinese ones) packed in a puffy envelope with lotsa bubble wrap. No complaints.

Mine is gray/silver. Don’t know about the black.

I'd avoid easylightbuy .. They were quick to take money on lights they never had and couldn't get . Getting money back from them wasn't that hard but a struggle to understand what they had in mind ...They offered numbers of other lights all way overpriced ..For a place that actually looks like they might make a product ....they seemed pretty clueless and didn't know heads from tails ..My guess is I was talking to the wrong end .

Thanks for all of the input.

i was thinking of purchasing a hd 2010 as well. perfect timing on a a new thread.
so i looked at tmart, and they only sell the tangs version. is this just as good as the ultrafire? they have a 3600 lumen with 3xml and the 1200 lumen with one led.
which version is the one that everybody raves about? i think from reading and looking at pictures, the popular one was the 1xml led, but wouldnt the 3600lumen be brighter and better for just a little more money?

The Tangsfire version is a very nice and identical to the HD-2010 but only the single emitter version. The triple emitter Tangsfire is a poor design with horrible thermal properties. Don’t get the triple. There is nothing wrong with the single emitter Tangsfire.

I’ve actually found UF version (TMart) later. So, here you go: gray (brown on pics) and black.

And as I said before, you can buy a black TangsFire for about 30 @DD (with 10% off coupon, of course :bigsmile: )

Sashi, you might order the UF version, but there's a 50/50 chance you'll end up receiving the Tangsfire version.... Tongue Out

The first one arrived today and had Looks really cool. It’s smaller than I though it’d be, I ordered one from Shenzen and one from…. Dang who else did I buy from, oh yeah Dinodirect
I’ll look at the box when I get up tomorrow as its in my truck. Shenzen cost $40ish with shipping so probably not the most affordable but I wanted to see how much shipping was on a light that size ($17)and now that I think about it. Shenzen must be the one that got here first cause DD usually has some sort of ad with the packaging.

I am not sure why I bought from two different vendors other than to see the quality difference and to find out who was the faster shipper :wink:

I ordered mine from TMart on 7/12, and it was in my mailbox today 7/18, and arrived in perfect shape.
Mine is the Ultrafire, gray color, with an 18650 it pulls 2.2A.

The beam is amazing; very similar to my TK41in spill, brightness, color and hotspot size, and that is running an 18650.

I may have to invest in a couple of KingKongs and see how they do.

If they just had not put the blinky modes in, it would be a near perfect torch.

Mine standard only pulled 2.7 amps with a couple of different King Kongs. It was still amazingly bright though. The spring in the tailcap was only dry soldered onto the board. It may be worth checking it out.

I wouldn’t mind knowing the dimensions. Looking to shove the driver i just bought from you in my HD2010.

Yeah, me too. This could be handy information for many of us! Actually, how about some details on doing it like where to get the brass ring (or how to cut down the P60 pill to fit)?


so the lightmalls will take a 26650? if so which is the best?

i am loving it here at blf, thanks everyone for being willing to answer questions from educated but NOT expert flashlight lovers!!


im also looking to pickup one of these - tmart looks to be the best price @33.52 shipped… unless someone can find a better price?? :slight_smile:

any comments about running a mnke 26650 imr? if this light is direct drive on high i dont want to fry the emitter with an imr (i have redilast 18650 protected and panasonic 18650 unprotected as well i can use)

edit: i managed to do some searching myself and found a tmart 8% coupon (code is INSPIRE if anyone wants it)

i signed up for their newsletter etc and got 50 points

total = 30.34 shipped :slight_smile:

based on the 10% coupon above i ordered from tmart, keep you posted.


Got my HD2010 from Tmart today. The usual nicks and dings in the finish that others have mentioned. At least with the light grey finish they aren’t quite as obvious. The reflector on my copy seems good with no marks or scratches and it’s quite clean. There was no insulator between the back of the reflector and the wires to the LED, so tightening the bezel caused a predictable short.

One o-ring broke while taking the light apart but they are all crappy thin ones and will be replaced anyway. Tail cap was tight but had a bit of flicker when shaking the light. Tightening the pill into the head fixed it. No lube anywhere on the light.

Massively built - it feels heavy in my hand. Not much brighter than my KD C8 on a ceiling bounce, but boy does it ever throw the light down range. This is my first thrower, so I have little to compare it to. But it lit up a large building quite well at 167 metres. This was in a city park surrounded by street lights so it would be even better in full darkness. Can’t wait to get down by the river with a fully charged batt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone found nice black ones without any marks on the finish?

I ordered the Ultrafire HD-2010 from tmart.com, and just got it in the mail today. Is it supposed to have “Ultrafire” etched on the side as all the pictures of reviews show? Because mine doesn’t. And now I’m confused :~