HD2010 - where to buy ?

TMart for mine as well. I just received a second gray model, I prefer this color to black. The second one had a minor defect, the o-ring on the cap was broken, but it functioned fine.

Which color did you order? I ordered from Tmart the black color one just because I read alot of posts where the gray ones were nicked. Mine had one slight nick and had the Ultrafire printed on the body. Good purchase, good thrower.

I got the gray one. The name isn’t etched on the side though.

That’s a first I heard of this. Mine (black) has Ultrafire HD2010 written on one side and CREE XM LT6 on the other side.

Mine has the “CREE XM-LT6” on one side, nothing on the other.

my gray light from tmart arrived in only 2 days and is in immaculate condition…no nicks in the finish, no nicks in reflector, emitter is centered, no ugly colors in emitted… too thumbs up!

In only two days? Wow, that must be a world record for Chinese vendors!

it was shipped from new jersey, usa… i live 2 states away in CT

Ah, wish I lived in the US as well and got quick shipping from US warehouses too.

mine just says cree xml t6 as well

there is no label on the other side

It’s not clear if Ultrafire’s ever made a HD2010….

i havent taken mine apart yet - maybe ill look into it tonight or in the morning - it is h/m/l/strobe/sos

Who makes the ‘original’ HD2010, if there is one at all?

Fair enough. I don’t see one on ultrafire.net.

My black one from Tmart was sent from NJ to MA, took ~ 4 days, maybe less? Had Ultrafire and CREE markings.

I have two HD2010's. The first one was a TangsFire that would not pull 3 amps at the tailcap and the latest one from Tmart USA is an UltraFire that pulls over 4.5 amps at the tailcap. The drivers appear identical. The only real difference looking at the two is that the UltraFire is more of a gloss black and the reflector while looking at it appears shiny, when the flashlight is on the reflector appears misty. I have tried washing it gently with detergent and hot water but did not clean up at all.

I purchased a Lightmalls Ultrafire HD2010, and boy does it perform. It pulls 4.6A at the tail on high (King Kong 26650), and does not have a single scratch on the body or the reflector. Nice threads also.

I highly recommend the lightmalls HD2010. It says it is rated at 600lm, but it actually puts out a lot more!

On one slat it kinda sez….‘HWA/HX(K?)S, UltraFire, HD2010”. I can’t tell for sure. Thing is the lettering looks like a restrike or something because you’re definitely seeing ’double’. lol

Other slat sez, ‘CREE XM-LT6’. This slat’s lettering is ok. Besides the funky print it works aces so far. Had to clean real good though with CRC 2-26 before it would function right. Else this sucka would’ve gone RMA.

Drawing more current in direct drive (emitter hooked straight up to cell) is not necessarily better.

Try to post pics of those “strange” HDs.