HD2010 - where to buy ?

Hi guys,

I’m looking to pick up 2 HD2010s, or the equivalent. Can someone please suggest the best current version to me, along with the preferred vendor?

Thanks in advance !!!

I bought mine from easylightbuy, came without any marks,scratches etc. Currently listed for $34.37

I bought mine from Tmart and it was free of any defects or marks. Most all the others that bought there got nice ones too with the exceptions of Foy and one or two that I can recall. Crap happens anywhere with budget lights.


Tmart - US warehouse. You still might be able to use one of the coupons that have been posted here recently.

Mine came with a goofy driver, as documented in the review threads, but I’m certain that would have happened with any of the vendors currently selling the HD2010. They resolved the issue immediately.

I’d go with Tmart.com because you’ll get it within a week and their customer service is awesome.

CX, you can try this 10% off coupon, which would bring down the cost to $35 from TMart: 545571967b

It was good for 10 uses, so I'm not sure if it's used up. Someone else posted a 15% off coupon but I don't remember what thread.

I had a 15% coupon good for over 10 uses I’d happily share with you but I can’t find it. :frowning:

I bought a digital audio recorder yesterday from tmart and completely forgot about it until after the order was placed. Now I can’t find the damned thing to save my life. Figures. :expressionless:

I just ordered one from Tmart two days ago $38 with no coupons

I received mine from T-Mart ---- 6 days order to delivery.

Absolutely PERFECT, no scratches, dings. (Although the packaging was crushed, flimsy plastic shipping bag, light was PERFECT).

I ordered this based on JohnnyMac, and Foy's incredible painstaking detailed reviews (Thanks Guys).

The HD2010 is as Reviewed. Will NOT be a Shelf Queen one you will enjoy for many evenings of use.

Here my coupon to share with BLF .... I have not used it.

Enjoy - Triple A

Let us know your purchase and how the Tmart order process was !

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Any difference in HD2010 current draw between the various sellers/brand names?

I have had 6 HD 2010s come in for driver swaps plus the one I have now. The one from Lightmalls was the only one with no defects so far. The reflectors on the other were all dirty or had spots, the coating on the other had scratches or nicks also. It also was the cheapest as $38.90 but took the longest to get here 5 weeks. This was my first purchase from Lightmalls so I am not 100% sure about them.
There are also 2 different shades of gray the Tmart one is a light gray and the IO one is a dark grey.


Agedbriar all the ones I have seen had East-092 drivers

Thank you Erik!

Keep in mind if you are going to do a driver swap on these it’s a PIA. A spacer ring needs to be made to get a Nanjg 105 driver to fit. I can post dimensions if any one is interested.

I got mine from easylightbuy. Reflector and optics were free of defects and debris. It had a small knick or two under the anodize on the side, but it was packed really well so I think its a defect from the manufacturer. FWIW this light is cast aluminum, and very soft so it scratches very easy. I dabble into all kinds of gear-centric hobbies (guitars, RC, knives, DIY audio, mountain biking). I have never encountered a metal this soft of any kind. In terms of material hardness its somewhere between brass and solder, much closer to brass though. I have put several dings on mine pack carrying it around. IMHO the manufacturers do little if any QC inspection so its a lotto for sure in that regard.

I wouldn’t hesitate to consider this vendor again… although there are a lot more options to consider now than when I bought mine 3-4 months ago.

Heres mine… FWIW.
Agree, its not the easiest mod to pull off.

My grey one from TMart was in good condition on arrival. Three dings on the edges between the Bezel and Head, almost unnoticeable. Reflector is flawless, clean no scratches or anything else. I swapped out the GITD boot for a light blue one from IOS - goes very nicely with the grey finish.

Kramer, seems like I've read somewhere that the grey annodizing is not nearly as tough as black. Are you saying the finish is weak or the metal itself?

Got mine from Tmart, great condition and fast.

Got mine from DD. For some reason I was not getting anywhere near the current reading that others were getting using 2 different King Kongs, protected and non protected (I modified mine to run two 26650's and changed the driver. Its still a work in progress) and testing with 3 different decent DMM though the driver was the same. Love it. If you want to buy from Tmart I have a 15% discount code left if you want it.

Both I think, but mostly the soft metal.

Looks like Tmart sells TangsFire version and not UltraFire :expressionless: DD sells TF version too, for 3 bucks less.