Heider CFX "750m throw"

Just like anyone on the example Budget Toilet Parts forum isnt going to buy a $500 seat to “try out” a $15 toilet seat, nobody here could be faulted for not buying one (or baited to buy one) to try out either. We all know what toilet seats (lights) are capable of, (we know the possibilities of output from LEDs, and batteries and general light configurations, there is nothing remarkable about the “Heider” light that we can see, and in fact the past ones they sold as best as some could tell that bought the lights were outright copies of $3-5 lights sold for $50 “by Heider”) so we don’t really need to buy one to know its probably going to function just like the others at best. Remember “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? If you are caught with a bunch of lies, usually you are assumed to be lying later, even if maybe you aren’t later, so Heider being great or even above average in anything but price is not very believable to those that know lights.

You also can’t play “moral outrage” over someone assuming a company known for selling items for massive level overpricings, stealing flashlight designs and pretending they are unique, stealing images from other sites and misleading people is above putting a phoney review in where phoney reviews are commonly used to promote this kind of stuff here!!

I still have a bit of a hard time believing this is all on the up and up, its somewhat unbelievable if you think about it that someone who uses lights all the time in a profession that uses lights all the time has never seen a brighter light that that little Heider…maybe I’m biased here being a flashlight-oholic and having so many bright lights, but I see brighter ones randomly on the streets from time to time and I’m not looking around in a profession that uses bright lights…

So all of this is very good reason your “experience was not warmly received” it goes against logic and probability, and the way you write now you say you did this on purpose, so probably you weren’t even being 100% truthful with your statements if you are just a “happy customer”. Its very interesting that you talk about “performance”, I was not performing here, I was shooting down what I perceived to be a phoney review/statement for the good of others to not be mislead out of lots of money. And even if you are real, it just might be worth your “outrage” of ridicule of Heider to prevent someone from spending so much extra on what seems to be a mediocre light, heck maybe its great, it’s not worth that price point, I can almost guarantee $25 lights being as good or better in everything most care about (maybe not crush). You seem to take this personal, but if you are not involved with Heider, its not targeting you at all.

Your remaining claim is that this light is “tough”. But if you did run it over with a 14,000lb Bobcat, many small things can be run over by them at the right angle and not crushed, it depends on the size, surface, angle and type of contact and most small tube lights are pretty strong and probably more likely to be pushed into the dirt than crushed. And most of my lights could be on for 10hrs a day on a level they could last that long on one battery with no problems. Just saying you may have a case of confirmation bias.

Enjoy whatever lights you like and have fun, but Heider lights should be known for what they are, and they aren’t worth 4-20x “just because its a Heider that can do what other lights can” or “because I can run it over and it still works”. You’ve also got to do that a bunch of times to different Heiders to even be able to make that claim btw…Dale just dropped a BLF light out the car window going 60mph btw, doesn’t mean all of that type of light would survive that all the time.

very well said

May I also suggest you get some good batteries, the batteries Heider supply are junk. gearbest have 4 Samsung 26f for just over $10. They are one of the best cells around. And also they sell Xtar single cell chargers for $4.80 they won’t catch fire.


The batteries shipped with the Hieder are junk. Most of the workers employed in the same industry as me, tend to be content with what ever type of personal use light the office sends out. It’s for that reason most of the common seen lights can be purchased at Walmart. The preferred light in my industry is http://glamox.com/upload/2011/05/04/nl2033_xs-r50-bus.png. Now if you can tell me how to get that much light out of a hand held, we can get rich.

Diverboon. We are not haters, just a bit passionate. We have seen a lot of crap being promoted as being the best and brightest in the world and do not take lightly to those manufacturers or sellers promoting on this forum. Exaggeration and often blatant lying is the way many mainland Chinese do ‘business’. We also don’t have to be engineers to understand the limits of an LED or battery or certain size reflector/optic. Many of us have lights that powered way beyond specs and do not produce beams like those being depicted at the website. I’m sorry that we attacked a purchase you made at a premium price. The intention was not to make you feel or look like a fool, but to be informative. Personally, I’m happy that you’re satisfied with the purchase and am also happy that your light being run over by a bobcat didn’t result in it’s end. :slight_smile:
It’s real cool of you to be willing to purchase what we suggest here but, I suggest that you spend time learning WHY we make these suggestions and buy based on that knowledge :smiley:

Don’t forget Monster Flashlight.

or Walmart.com

The Daily Joke Thread post #800 Walmart is a Joke.

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I not familiar with this brand,

Heider CFX Super Torch

This is by far the WORST light that I have purchased it is not even close to 750m maybe 350m throw and that’s pushing IT.I have a 49 dollar thrunite TN11 that will out shine and out throw this so called HEIDER CFX super torch what a JOKE this company need to be SUED for lying NEVER AGAIN heider super FAKE

Welcome to the forum!

Lying to sell crap isn’t illegal, in the USA. Business would grind to a halt if it were.

Justice Antonin Scalia noted that, “Even in the commercial context we allow a decent amount of lying, don’t we? … It’s calling puffing.”

Find out where they’re located and contact the local Better Business Bureau to complain.
They’ll be amused, at least, to get your complaint.

Reminds me of the G700.

The “Key” may be that they are using small meters.:smiling_face:

From the flashlight bible…

“Yea, and i say unto thee verily: ”thou shalt rebrand thy lights that shalt be made by lesser peoples, and thou shalt brand them as your own, and thou shalt exaggerate thy claims. Thy Lumens shalt be biblical lumens, with each and every lumen reckoned as TEN LUMENS. And thy meters of beam distance, shalt be biblical meters, with each and every meter reckoned as TEN METERS. Such is my word.” (Cree T6)

It is awfully sad of course but on the trustpilot website Metem/Heider only gets an average of 3.1 points on a 0-10 scale. Most complaints are about the really-really-really all-in prices that are subject to import-duties because Metem ships these lights from Turkey (a non-EU country). And because these duties are based upon (fake) high prices, you pay (real) high duties to customs. After you received the light.

They say it’s designed in Germany and the german site is cluttered with misspellings. That’s gorgeous!

My Heider is still going. I’m not sure but it may have lost some of it’s brightness. Or this could be due to cheap worn out batteries.

Since my last posting I have purchased a few more lights. Since it’s obvious the members hear have a collective wealth of flashlight knowledge, I would like your opinions of these lights I have purchased. 2 Eagtac T25C2 (first one swam to the bottom of the river), Eagtac SX30, and an Olight M2X-UT Javelot.

I brought this torch years ago and it is an awesome torch, all those saying it is a scam without owning it have no clue.
I have brought other “super” torches rated and reviewed to be better than the Heider CFX but were no where near it.
I will get a photo of its beam tonight.

You also necro’ed a 5~ year old thread for no real reason either……

If the flashlight can survive the wet battery test, it might be good enough. This thread makes me want to perform rigorous “testing”.

Beamshots of a zoomable TIR is a good enough reason to me :wink: