Hello from a long time flashlight user.

I just wanted to say hello.
I have been edc’ing flashlights on and off since my uncle gave me a maglite solitaire when I was 6 years old and I have only recently taken a real interest in researching flashlights and gear in the past few months.

I will shamelessly admit that I joined just because of a group buy, but I hope to still be a member of this community.

It's good to have you here, Tre_Asay!

Some of the GBs here are the best out there. Look up some of the BLF special Edition GB and builds. Those, IMHO, are the best deals on flashlights out there, period!

You may have seen these already:

Howdy from Blaine County!


Looks like you’re in cold country. What’s today’s high temperature?

Here in Hilo it was a partially sunny, partially rainy day that hit a high of 80F.

Another year with no snow on Mauna Kea before Christmas. :_(

Welcome to the BLF!

There is a Givaway you qualify for if you are interested:

Hope to see you hang around:)


Welcome to the crazy house!

Uh oh. LOL. I am certain you will have fun here.

Nothing wrong with that at all. Above all, ask-ask-and ask any questions that you may have ;)

Hey there! Just be sure that your money is not under your care! ; )

Ah yes, the weather…
Today we had a high in the 20’s and the neighborhood roads are covered in ice and compacted snow.
I did not add a location yet because I have been working with my uncle in Temecula CA. I am just north for a white Christmas at home.
I will reply some more later, thrunite is emailing me.
Well as far as money goes, I have been working for just a few weeks and I promised that I would only spend 10% of what I make. Lets see…
some parachord…
fenix e20…
other stuff…
commited to 6 BLF group buy flashlights…
yeah, I am going to have to hold off on the spending for a while now.

welcome aboard!

Welcome to the club!

Simple honesty is wonderful! Welcome to the BLF!