Hello from Charlotte!

Hello all! This isn’t my first post, but I’ve decided to become a more active member. I’ve loved flashlights for a long time, and have been modding for about 2 years using information I gained from this very forum. I look forward to participating more and getting to know you all!

Please enjoy your time here, Carpe Cuprum!

My sister that used to live in Florida now lives close to Winston-Salem.

Charlotte, NC? Winston/Greensboro here! :sunglasses:

I just joined tonight and I’m in Greensboro, NC. I just ordered 2 different Fireflies E07 lights.


I was torn between the E07 and the D4v2 for my most recent purchase. I went with the D4v2, but I’m definitely still curious…let me know what you think!

Ok, I will. I’m a Aircraft Guy and I’ll be tinkering with my lights I’m sure.

I just saw a clip on that d4v2 light. I like it. Half the price of the E07 too. Hmmm… I might have to check that one out too. Thanks.

Nice! I just got an e07 a few weeks ago. Very nice light!

Have you figured out the buttons yet? I’m sure it’s going to take me a year to get familiar with the buttons.

Yes. It’s my second anduril light, so I was already kind of familiar. It’s pretty simple to learn if you watch some YouTube videos.

Hi and welcome all from the Carolinas! Hey for the people from the Carolinas, do you have those Venus Flytraps growing all over the place or is it just on a few selected areas??

Only select places. I’ve lived in NC my whole life and have never seen one in the wild, lol.

Me either. But, I’ve seen a bunch of pretty girls here.

Pretty girls!! Count me in! :smiley:
But yeah I grow Venus Fyltraps and in a Flytrap forum too. The ones in your state are the wild ones. Seems the ones you get nowadays are all greenhouse grown.

Plenty of those in NC for sure, lol.

I'm not a fan of the wet weather in the American southeast, but it would be an ideal place to grow many types of carnivorous plants.

I used to have tons of American Pitcher Plants, and I had to purchase reverse osmosis water on a regular basis to support my old hobby.

Yeah the main reason you don’t see them alot in SC is because of poaching. It also happens here to at a place called Burns Bog. Its bascially peat moss if you ever go walk there. Hmmm…I should take my lights there and do beam shots :sunglasses: . Anyways at the Bog they take the Sundews. Either way, not good but I’m happy to say there are patrols out now these days in SC and here. :slight_smile:

Reverse osmosis…yeah I guess you don’t get much rain out there in your area. Where I am it rains so much that I’m growing fins! :stuck_out_tongue: I have a rain bucket outside so I just use that. Oh btw you can also use distilled water if your local water has a high PH count.

Welcome! I’m in Charlotte, too!

I just got my E07 light and I think I got a defective light. I only have 2 leds in the button and it won’t go to Turbo.