Help choose the BLF Q8 bezel UPDATED with new pics, maybe want to change your vote?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

I choose ‘do not choose yet.’

Did I win? :stuck_out_tongue:

The bezel
After some interesting discussion these are the options
We will present the top 2 to Thorfire
And thanks to Thijsco we can present these all in similar manner (the metal shining wave bezel Lazy-R-us
made would of course have gotten all the votes, being shiney and metal and all, so we keep it fair here :slight_smile: )

UPDATE Thijsco used the technical drawings from Thorfire of the Q8 V1 head design to show us better how the bezels look.
You might want to reconsider your vote after seeing this.

1 I do not care about the Q8, do not want it, but I do like to vote in polls!

2 cut outs most like the SRKs have:

3 flat no light escaping head down on a real flat surface

4 flat with very small cuts to let light escape when placed head down on a flat surface

5 flat with cut outs to let light escape when placed head down on a flat surface

6 wave

7 I really do not care what bezel is put on there

I like the first one with large cut outs…

You lost!

“do not choose yet” was the winner. You were so close.

You won……a new poll to participate in!

I'm really like'n the wave from those drawings, so I joined you bud as vote #2 I guess . As long as it's SS. Black oxide coating would be cool though.

Hhmm, the wave is tied with: I don't GAC, GAS, or GAF, ahhh, #7

wait what?
I cancelled vote and added numbers to the options
Still problem Tom?
here it looks good

Still like the wave most
But choose flat with very small cut outs for its easier fabrication (sorry Sharpie they’ll have enough of a challenge I think :slight_smile: ) and I hoped appeal to both flat bezel lovers and safety lovers.

Interesting to see the little tuned down SRK style take the lead so hefty now.

Seriously, I'm agreeing with you - I like the wave the best!

Wave On

Idk which option is it, but it got to be not sharp.

The wave looks the smoothest, just say'n...

Yes no sharp edges of course.
That wave sure does smoorhes through all life’s challenges.
I see the one I voted for has more votes so I might just change it to the wonderful wave :wink:

Love the drawings. Thanks for whoever did them :slight_smile:

Thijsco credited and of course special mention for Lazy-R-us who made that beautiful metal render!

And thanks to you, The Miller, for a smooth running GB so far!

Other: replaceable nylon inserts that thread in allowing them to conduct light out during headstand but minimizing distortion to the beam. Think of the bezel with holes that was in the main thread but nylon or plastic screws threaded in to glow if the light is headstanding and on.

^ I like that idea, but as it’s not in the poll it’s between 2 and 6.

Expressing my opinion that I prefer something else. Six or eight holes for threaded or even push in plugs would allow light to exit and allow for use of both translucent and gitd inserts. Having four white or clear inserts to emit indicating the light is on and four gitd inserts to aid in locating would set it apart and be very useful.

Argh did I miss this in the Q8 thread? I was under the impression the bezel with holes was out but with inserts it would be cool. Yet we would talk about more parts and assembly steps.
So if this thread goes wild over it I can add it as option but for now I lean to saying it seems like a nice mod.

And wauw, in a couple of hours that wave rolled from a third/fourth position to shared 1
Keep on rolling!