Help for choosing a budget knife

I need a backup folding knife for outdoors/hunting. I always have my genuine Finnish puukko-knife that does about everything, but I want to back it up in case something happens. I have just three requirements.

1: Plain edge. No serrated stupidness.

2: The edge must start right from where the handle ends. Not 2mm or 4mm from it, but right away. Like for example in Spyderco Tenacious or SRM ZB4-719

3: I want the blade shape to be... I don't know these knife terms at all... hmmm... normal. Is it called drop-point or what? Like in this or this

I have done some searching but have not found a knife that would have those 3 features combined. Help me out here.

concerning the blade shape, both knifes shown in your links are clip-blades, the second one being less pronounced tho.

Smoothen the back of the second one a bit, and you'll turn it into a droppoint easily.

considering your requests -plain, smoothe edge, clip blade or drop point, no ricasso - almost instantly, ze French Opinel springs to my mind:

available in a huge variety, most of them at decent budget prices. I have two of them.

Hmmm... Yes... I've seen those, but never had one. The blade shape and edge is just what I need. Are those actually useful? They look kind of obsolete. But it really doesn't matter as long it can be used to gut a rabbit or fish or whittle some wood in a situation where something unexpected has happened to primary knife. Let's see. 12 euros delivered. Not bad. Might give it a try. Thanks sixfink.

Any other suggestions?

Have you looked at the SRM 707? Not sure if the sharpened portion of the blade ends exactly at the handle, but it's close. Curious about your application for this requirement.

I own about 30-40 knives, about a dozen budget knives and this Smith and Wesson knockoff from DX is my favorite. I think you would be really happy with it and for $7 bucks you really can't go wrong.

707 would be close to what I want. Too bad Manafont only offers serrated version. I would rather deal with them as I had good experience with them. Maybe it's time to check the

My addiction to edge-starting-from-handle is a cultural thing, I suppose. In Finland "everyone" has a "puukko" style knife from litte child to great granfather. They are traditionally made like this. That's what we are used to have and use. For most of us, it's a fundamental feature to have in a knife.

Why are the made like that since forever? I think it has something to do with making kindling for a fire from random wood from forest. In that kind of use, one needs every bit of force available to deliver to blade. The closer to the handle the to-be-kindeled wood can be placed, the more force can be delivered to it.

E1320 that knife might be nice, but doesn't fit the requirements of HID45, because it has a big ricasso.

The M014BK and the K630 come close and might be an option. Blade shapes are more drop point than normal though. Some Navy knives might also be suitable.

Those puukko knives are really interesting. In the US anybody who fishes has had one of these at one time or another Best fillet knife ever.

Now this is what I'm talking about. Not only it meets the requirements, it's super sweet looking.

Got it, I figured it had something to do with wood. I happen to have a Mora #1, but haven't used it seriously yet.

Focalprice has the non serrated 707 for $7.60 USD. I know some don't like to deal with them, but I've had 100% success with several (6) knife orders to the US. For the price, it not a super high risk deal.

This thread has also reminded me that I need to get an Opinel #8.

Ok, Paypal sent for Enlan M014 and SRM 707 plain edge. Went the Exduct route, as I got both from same place.

Thanks for the advice.

I had several of these in Alaska and they are the best filet knives ever.

I got the knives today. That'll be SRM 707 and Enlan M014. One week from paypal sent to arriving. Not bad. In fact very good.

I'm liking both. Don't still know which I like better. Other is black and stealthy, other is bright (it's silver and yellow) and shiny. SRM offers better grip, Enlan is bit slippery. Both are flawless. Steady locking, no play, finishing perfect, blade is centered, action is smooth... Can't believe these were like 20$ delivered, combined.

One problem. There things are tiny! I did not realize that. I mean these both will fulfill the purpose I bought these for, being small and light hunting/camping backup in case something happens to primary knife. But they disappear to my largish hand. I wear size 9 or 10 glove, depending on the brand. And these both are bit too small to really get a good, full hand grip.

Ok, need more help. Disregard the original demands. What would be nice budget knife that would have usable blade and be a bit larger so it would offer good, hand-filling grip.

that makes me worry about choosing the 707 and 763 srm knives..I have large hands also and have been wanting to order these knives..every knife I look at though is awround the same size..I wonder if anyone knows a larger knife for the same cost..sorry if I highjacked the thread..

My opinion on knife sizes.

thanks Vectrex

I would agree - with my medium size hand, they are just short of the ideal-sized tool for primary use. Grips are just a little too small. Still, I like them for their ability to just "be there" when you need them (edc role).

One knife that is interesting to me is the Navy K-507. It's mostly a bigger version of the SRM 710, but seems to split the difference between the 700-series and the large 900-series. Blade length is 3.1". Looks like the edge comes close to the grip, too.

Hmmm. Sure... K-507 could be an option. Also Enlan EL02B seems to fit the bill nicely. Maybe I check them out.

The Navy K622 looks like it would be a nice longer knife..4" blade

Dammit i started looking on exduct again!
Time to go to sleep before my bank account is plundered again!!
Could some of you give a list of their 3 best knives?
I could use a few more too.
My list so far:
-Sanremu 710
-Sanrenmu 733
-A knive from solingen inhereted from my dad