help in how to overdrive XM-L2 to 6A

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This is my 1st post in this great forum i have been reading a lot her in BLF and i have learned many things so Hi every one

My question

I am in my way to make my own thrower i will be using dedomed xm-l2 with Copper Sinkpad

i need help in how to overdrive it to 6A i want to understand the over driving , is it just to run the led with a constant current driver with the desired current and is using a constant current driver is a must ?

And please can you recommend me a driver for my project ? i will be using multiple li-ion


You could just direct drive, i.e., just battery to the emitter. If you do that, current to the emitter will be mainly determined by the resistance (leads, tailcap switch) and how much current the battery you use can supply. So, if you use something like an IMR 18650 with good output capability, it can easily drive/overdrive the LED.

You can also use a 7135-based driver, and put 16 380 mA 7135s on it to get you to 6 amps, but even then, you’ll need a battery that can supply that current.

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Just purchase this T90 (X6 Clone) and swap into your XM-L2, done.

A single cell will not do 6A.

You need a buck driver (and your batteries in series). If 6A is the goal, you might resistor mod the driver too.

Here are some drivers you might be interested in:

Here’s gamezawy’s original post at CPF:

Seems like he’s looking a buck driver rated at 6A for multiple 18650’s.

Sorry I didn’t link to the East-92 driver due to CPF rules, but here’s the thread about it:

and here’s the sales link:

We’ve been getting some dodgy ones, and unfortunately it seems to be discontinued now.

you are right ryansoh3 that’s my post at CPF and yes i want a buck driver rated at 6A for multiple 18650’s that can work even with single 18650 in other words that can work with 3.7 v

well i saw that East-92 but it is discontinued now at fasttech so i still have the problem and still searching for a driver

I don't know of any that will do both those things - 5-6 amps and still run from a single cell (of course, if it did it would be a greatly reduced output). All the 'big' drivers are set up for a low voltage warning/shutdown with a minimum of two cells, or around 5.5 volts.

i have changed my plan i can use 2x 18650 cells in series

Amperage is additive in Parallel. Example 2 cells capable of 3 amp output — when put in parallel will deliver 6 amps (same voltage) Now in series, the voltage is additive. Example two 1.5 volt cells in series makes 3.0 volts. Some drivers have a max. Voltage around 5 volts (some people can get a Nanjg to 6 volts ?? But some drivers can take of range of like 3 volts to 17 volt, on the same driver. But more batteries in series does not make the amperage greater than the most amperage battery, and that is not good in Lions in series. Lions in series are hard to “balance” and unbalance Lions in series can be very bad news.

This Flashlight would work for your purposes:

You could run 2 up to 4 in parallel, theoretically, Max amp x 4 or about 16 amps.

Of course, you will have to take a photo of the driver so one of our resistor mod experts can advise you on the sensing resistor in the circuit, basically a mod to produce the desired current — of course then you have to worry about heat transfer and sinking: which is exactly what we do in this forum — and we have some mean modders in here … :bigsmile: J)

This one will do 5 amps (tested) to the emitter. I remember reading a thread some where about sense resistor modding on this driver. This driver maybe able to do 6 amps if resistor modded. The driver I received had 5 modes with the flash modes. Others have reported the same thing. It may also be possible to mod the driver to only be one mode, bypassing the mcu.

what about this driver ? TR-0124 SST-90

And can this driver used with XP-G2 ?

Hi gamezaway. That driver looks very similar to the TR-3T6 driver and will likely perform just as well. There are voltage sense resistors under the inductor coil. Current to the emitter can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing resistance. Moderator007 has ordered one and will report back when he gets a chance to use it. The TR-3T6 driver may not be available now due to problems at Manafont. That driver can be used to drive an xml at currents that will instantly blow it. Here, I used it to drive an xml2 at 7 amps, but the emitter did not last long.

You can use this driver to run an xpg2, but you probably want to increase resistance of the voltage sensor bank to bring down the current some. I haven't played with the xpg2's, but I understand that 5 amps is dangerous territory for it. RaceR86 has driven the xpg2 at over 5 amps in a light, but others have had their emitters fry in that territory.

Just to add. I think some are running XP-G2s at 5A with good success. But no one have probably tried it in a long term. Me and another did more than 5A (up towards 5,5A) and fried the emitter. Mine were dedomed, and I feel that dedomed emitters are easier to kill for some reason...

The one gamezaway has linked is a different version. This is the one I have.
It done 4.58 amps stock with 2 sanyo 18650’s and a XML U2. Changed the led output wires to 22AWG for no gain. Installed the 10 ohm pot mod and cranked it up to 6 amps. Appears to be the same driver as the manafont TR-3T6.
Mine says TR-0142B.

so which one you guys recommend me to use from Fasttech rather for XM-L2 or XP-G2 ?

Why do you want 6A, because match shows Sinkpad tests up to 6A in this graph?

What is the host you are considering?

well 6A is not a must but i saw many did that, well even 5A is very good too i just want overdrive an xm-l2 in my thrower project

i will be moding 2D mag with big reflector , i will extend the head

and what with match’s Sinkpad tests graph ?

…and what with match’s Sinkpad tests graph ?

I asked if that is your reason, you already answered in the first part of your reply.

The Maglites have no fins for a good heat dissipation, If you intend to use that much of a current on burst should be fine, but mass alone is not that absolute of heatsinking. You should be fine with 5A also.

Let's see, as per his graph, 5A -1600lm, 6A -1750lm

Increase from 1600lm to 1750lm = 9.3%

Increase from 5A to 6A = 20%

Less heat and higher voltages for the cells at 5A, better efficiency.


i love math when it serve us but hate it at exams

well do you think this driver TR-0124 SST-90 stock rated at 5100mA will do the job ? and wont fry XM-L2 / XP-G2 ?

or maybe this one TR-0124B as moderator007 tried it

i just want to buy from fasttech because i am ordering many things from there

Seems like a good choice if you want to use it to drive an xpg2 and you also don't want to resister mod it. I take it you plan on putting the emitter on copper?

EDIT: I just remembered you said copper sinkpad in OP.