Help me identify this LED.

Can anyone tell me definitively what emitter this is? There’s conjecture about what it isn’t. Sorry I can’t pull the emitter, but I will probably damage the light if I do. I think I know what it is, but can’t be sure. I wish my camera had a better macro, but it doesn’t.

Its a Nichia, either a 119 or 219.

agree, the edge says Nichia 219A/119A, but the dome looks absent-ish. The die-colour looks like it is not the 4500K high CRI version but cooler.

Ok, the manufacturer spec’ed it was a 219, but it could also be a 119 then? I wish I had a known 119 to compare it to. It puts out a Neutral-ish white. Alright, thanks- at least it’s a Nichia.

There is a dome there. I can’t get closer because neither of my cameras can zoom in any further and it still be in focus (it’s too small)

the 219 only differs visually from the 119 on the underside, two solder pads instead of three.

But it sure looks like the dome is sliced off or something

Any idea how many tints the 219 has?

Nope the dome is there, for sure. It’s the angle.

ok, then, the dome is there apparently, but then the die is smaller than the 219. I have a 219B (from Kaidomain) that is like the one we know, but with smaller die (I am going to do some output tests on it these days), perhaps there was a 219A with smaller die also?

Not as many as Cree offers, but it comes in many tints, it is just that at the flashlightforums we came to like the 4500K 92CRI so much that we forget that it is just one of the tints.

Here it is next to another NW I have. The Sunwayman D40A NW XML2.

Thanks for the info though djozz.

I came across your led a few times on the internet and it is indeed a Nichia 219A, and not the die is smaller, but this version has a shallower dome compared to our beloved 4500K 92CRI led (the viewing angle is 120deg instead of 110deg for the 'normal' one). And because it is not the exact same highCRI led we know, the colour temperature and CRI may be questioned....

Thanks for this! It clears up a lot. I like the tint of the light a lot, and it looks as great as my other Neutral lights, but it’s good to know. I was in discussion with another member about this, who brought it to my attention. It was listed as a high-CRI by the manufacturer, but the other member has another high CRI to compare it to, and says the emitters themselves are different colors. I don’t know how exactly different it is in beam output, without having a verified high CRI Nichia to compare it to- but I’d be interested to see the difference. It was the Rayus C01 review I did recently, FYI. The person who brought this to my attention is a vendor who is concerned about quality, before offering them for sale.

So I guess, all I can say about the light is that it is a 219 Nichia, and I like the tint. Is it 60, 70, 80, 90 CRI? I don’t know, but it is definitely nice to look at.

If Rayus is dedicated to keep their lights up-to-date they may look into the newer 219B, significantly more efficient than this 219A: XP-G2 level efficiency with better tint/CRI. The 92CRI version of this new generation is close to 5000K and has a very good tint.

Measuring CRI btw is only done with professional equipment. Experienced amateurs like some of us can have an educated guess of CRI, but not many can distinguish 80CRI from 92 CRI.




That’s what I figured, but I least like to represent things as accurately as I can. I know that people in this hobby quibble over minute output gains that really need to be measured, because a lot of times our eyes can’t tell the difference. But it’s like that with any sort of interest. And again, I have lights with a wide variety of tints, and it was imperceptible to me. The manufacturer says that the light is a Nichia 219 B11 with a CRI of 92. Is it possible that this is a newer bin? Or is this one that people are familiar with as not being high CRI? Just because the color temperature is slightly different, is there any way to tell it’s not a high CRI?

219 B11 92CRI sounds very suspicious because that is the exact description that several sellers use, but refers to the top bin 110deg 4500K 219A led, and this is not that exact led. My best guess is that they do or don't know which led they really use, but that they almost certainly copied the description from other sellers. Problem is that the 219A also comes in 80 CRI and 85CRI, which is almost indistinguishable. A real clue is that the die colour seems way more yellow than the 92CRI version should be: because the high CRI is partly caused by converting more light to red, the phosfor-mix is different and should be more orange-coloured. But the too yellow colour on my computer screen can also be caused by your camera.

It may be slightly more yellow in the photo but it’s not that far off. This other member, who brought it to my attention, also noticed that his sample had a yellower color than he was accustomed to, vs. the high CRI Nichia, which is why he contacted me. Thanks for all the clarification. I’ve learned quite a bit from this discussion.

It appears to be a 219A.

This is what I’m basing it on:

219A on the left————————–219B on the right

It certainly does appear to be cooler though. Perhaps its a 219A around 5000k?

Looks like it was figured out here…

You’re right, and supposedly it’s a 5000k 83 CRI instead of 92+.


I wonder if they are going to have 4500k 219A’s in the future?

They should probably just get the new 5000k 219B’s if they can because they are a little more bright/efficient and still high CRI.