Help turn my nephew into a flashoholic.

Need light to gift to my nephew. He likes my lights and is impressed with the power of some, like my TM16. I like 18650, more throw than flood, neutral white, simple UIs. I’ll spend up to $100 on him. What say you folks? Your recommendations please? :slight_smile:

Emisar D4S V2 - never disappoints…

and has enough bells and whistles to keep him busy for weeks! Buy the extra optic so he can have both flood and throw. With recommended battery and charger, you’re still well under $100.

BTW, he’s 16 so it ought to look ‘cool’ :wink:

My vote for the Emisar D4S V2 as well. Changing colors or flashing modes will keep him busy.

I’m guessing he will need battery and the ability to charge also.

So either a flashlight kit or something with USB charging.

How about a Sofirn C8F kit.
Impressive output. Most non flashaholics I know think the C8 form factor looks “cool”
It is in the budget.

My vote for Emisar as well! Nice and sophisticated light!

Good idea, I would do it this way :+1:


… and there will even be enough money left to buy an Astrolux MF01 mini as well! :smiley:

Or the Sofirn BLF SP36

I’m looking at this Maybe this? 50 bucks

No. No, no, no.

Or this olight . I think both would float his boat

I started my niece and nephews off with 1 X AA, simple on / off, incandescent lights. Then we moved on to all the technical stuff: LEDs, CRI, lumens vs lux, rechargeable batteries. Once they had learned what they liked, they made their own decisions as to what lights to get.

Did some research. It looks great but reviews full of problems—Thank you :wink:

Don’t do it. Get one of the Emisars as recommended above. They are so much more.

Sofirn C8T sounds about right to me

Here’s some advice that will depend on how technical/nerdy your nephew is, but if he is, the re-flashing kit for the V2s could keep him occupied for years.

The question is, what are you looking for?

Throw, flood, which form factor?

I’d say, get an Astrolux FT03 SST40, bang for buck, impressive throw, USB charging