Help with Ak-47a modes

Hi, I’m new to modding and I was hoping maybe someone knows what I’m doing wrong. I built a light with this Nanjg AK-47a driver from Fasttech

I tried connecting the 3rd star to the outer ring as it says in their on-line data to try to get Low-Med-High, that did nothing I had all 5 modes. I tried connecting the 2nd star and I have Low-High-Strobe, I really want Low-Med-High or at least Low-High with no strobe. Is there some trick I’m missing? Do you have to connect all 3 stars?

I verified that the 3rd star was in fact making contact using a continuity tester when it didn’t have any effect

Any help is appreciated.


In order to test it without using solder, you can use a lead pencil, draw a thick line from the star to the bottom of the driver. Try all of them one will be right.

Here is your answer

Thanks how2

I actually searched the forums before I posted, I do not have the version with the “low-blink” on the light I built, I do have it on a Convoy I purchased though and I was glad to find that information about that driver.

Try the pencil method and check out all the star connection one must work.

Star 1 from L>R is unused, so star 1 is star 2 on the board, think of it as 0-1-2-3 and that should help. You would solder physical star 3 to ground for fixed. L>M>H modes

I also use a single strand of wire laid flat as a jumper, sometimes it’s hard to get a good flat short across w/o some physical jumper there

Sounds reasonable, I’ll try it tomorrow, but it does seem as though if that were true then their instructions to connect the 4th star would be impossible. Not that it would surprise me if their documentations were faulty :slight_smile:

No their 4 is actually star 3, confusing ain’t it which is physical #4

Well now I’m really confused, so which one do we think jumps to ground to get Low-Med-High? Because 3rd from the left didn’t do it.

Funky driver, strip all jumpers from stars , then try one at a time, I got some funky drivers once, stars were screwed up, turns out it had a non standard MCU, and I had to solder star 1, physical 0, to ground for the L>H setup

Got pics of driver, might be able to trace pins from MCU w/ a good in close pic

These things are tough to photograph. Are these clear enough?

well pin 6 def is the PWM pin, and pin 7 goes to the resistor bridge

need pics of back

resistor location (with resistor missing) at 6 oclock position is for shorting pin 3 to ground

weird that the silk screen R3 (6 oclockish) , R4 (9 oclockish), R5 (3 oclockish) are missing but connect those traces to vias or ground (if component was there)

Here you go. I removed all the star connections as you suggested. I only have a solder sucker, I need to get some desoldering tape. Sorry for the mess. As you see it now all 5 modes are enabled.

AK-47 only has two modes that I know of… single shot and full auto. J)