Help with Purchase/Suggestion for an "Award" light for Scouts

I 100% concur with the SS C3. One of my all time favorite budget rigs. It is built like a tank! Only issue I have seen with them are cold solder joint. But…that can be a issue with all lights. lol I also ordered glow buttons and have some spares. If you want, you can feed them 14500’s and they can handle it for brief jaunts. :wink:

The light JohnnyMac suggested has great output & decent build, but it chews through bats like candy. I have 3 of them. 2 have battery drain issues. They will soak them dry in a weak on the shelf. Curious if others have experienced the same??

I also would suggest when you order if its in the budget to buy 2 extra lights. Just in case one is DOA.

Although I suggested the C3,
as djozz suggests I actually would prefer to give away coloured SK68s to kids,
in fact recently bought 6 for that purpose.


Mine's fine but has a 14500 in it, last charged ~4 months ago.

Thanks all! Think I’m going to go with werner’s suggestion.

Maybe rethink of the idea from hank, a lithium primary works fabulous in such a light.
I always put either a nimh(if I know the recipient has a charger) or a lithium primary in the AA and AAA lights I gift away.
These cost around a dollar per cell if you order 5 packs with coupon BLF.

If you compare batteries lithium primaries are outstanding

HKJ review of the NICE cell

I ended up ordering the ones in Werner’s first post (post #3). Should be here any day now. I’ll report on them once sufficiently “played with”.

These are my favorites as well along with No. 2 without the zoomie, they are a little longer and slimmer than the SK68 and just right length that you can get a good grip on to push the end cap button. The SK68 are too heavy, short and bulky, great as gifts, but not as practical for real world use.

:~ So they got here today and not one of them seem to work. I’m a bit frustrated. Any suggestions, am I missing something? Positive end of the battery goes in first, right?

FWIW, they don’t have cree q5 printed on them like the photo.

It’s very rare to have a bulk order not functional.

A few simple things to narrow down the problem:

Did you try different AA batteries?
Did you try a 14500?
Take the tailcap out of the scenario, take a piece of metal (paper clip or wire), place a battery in the flashlight, and connect the negative pole of the battery to a bare aluminum point on the flashlight (top of the batter tube or unannodized threads)… Does it light up now?

The light JohnnyMac referred to is a really great 3AAA light. Also sold by Homedepot under the the Defiant brand name. Haven't seen either around here since last Christmas season though.

I didn't know you could get SS C3's for so little. Don't forget the BLF discount code.

Tractor supply has a couple different polished AA lights on clearance. Don't know anything about them yet. They also have a 2 pack for $10 of very compact 2AA camo lights that look interesting.


I've had that same parasitic drain problem with 3AAA lights in general from time to time. Don't know what causes it.

That what happens when you deal with Chinese vendors.It's a lottery!

Sorry man !

I have tried a few different AAs, but don’t have a 14500. I did try a paperclip with the one I brought back to work with me, but that didn’t work either.

I also thought it odd that not one worked.

That seems impossible, how many did you buy ?
Check your batteries with a volt meter first …LoL

You don’t want to hand youngsters lithium-ion cell lights.

werner’s #3 points to a picture of the outside appearance.
His text mentions Banggood which doesn’t seem to have them for sale now:

In #4 ‘dangerous’ posted several ebay links. As of now the first is to a SK68 clone, the other three are to the slimmer light described in Werner’s post.

Can you point out exactly what you think you bought? If you bought a light claiming to work with AA or “AA/14500” you can dispute it (and should do so)

Sadly there are a lot of lights advertised as “AA” that only work with Li-ion (3.4v)
Often people selling these don’t actually have them, they collect orders and have some supplier send something. I’ve gotten SK68 clones that won’t work with AA, and the seller had no clue that was the case. Only bought two of these slimmer zoom lights Werner recommends — they were very different. That’s the China lottery.

I got 7 total…which was a few extra in case of a dud.
Batteries checked after taken from a new package. No issue with them.

These folks know what they’re selling, usually have significant discounts from the listed prices and free shipping at some level —- try emailing them and tell them what you’re looking for:

Here’s the ones I ordered. 3 black, 3 silver, and 1 gold. Zoombarer LED-Taschenlampe Meco XPE-Q5 mit 600 Lumen und 7W für 1xAA 1.2V Sale - Banggood Deutschland-arrival notice-arrival notice

I was aware of the AA vs. Li-ion issue, but thought that was a non-issue after reading so many good reviews many saying they’ve use either battery.

I like SK-58s, but I just got an Osram 1 mode instead of the 3 mode Cree I ordered.

Thanks. I am now thinking that I need to get something else ordered as it may be some time before banggood settles up with me. I don’t have lots of extra $ sitting around due to all the summer activities. Very frusterating. :frowning: