Help with Purchase/Suggestion for an "Award" light for Scouts

So it’s scout camp time and I want to get a good flashlight to reward those Scouts that get a minimum number of MBs while there. My requirements are:

  • 1xAA (preferred, and 2xAA max) for simplicity reasons
  • More than one Mode, and good enough build quality that they’re not thinking “thanks for the POS light that broke after 1 week.”
  • Under $10 each, and prefer $6-7 range.

So what say ye? I’m open to any help. A Sipik SK68 maybe?

Thanks in advance.

For lights that cheap, brand/no brand they are all cheap stuff. I remember when I was a scout and someone had a zoomie (aspheric lens) It was really cool. This is just a random search on ebay: cheap zoomie

I have this light and it is moderately bright (for an AA it is decent) zooming mechanisim is a little loose, but it looks good.

Ahhh I still remeber the scout oath and law lol. Good luck with your scouts, buddy.


Nowadays these bulky sk68(reference number 4)with varying quality are not the best bet in my eyes but I am sure that a lot of people would be amazed with it.

I like these small AA zoomies(reference number3) more. Smaller and my versions are despite it wasn’t written in the description with 3 modes: high, low , strobe.

10 pieces cost with BLF coupon 29.81$ At banggood…

Reference thread

If you want to order from USA for faster shipping…

I agree with all of the above suggestions.

Beware those that don’t remember the setting they were on, and won’t go back to the first (low, or high) — instead each time you turn them off and later turn them on, they’re on the “next” setting.

This is a big pain.

Thanks for the ideas. I’m really liking the one Werner recommended, but keep the ideas coming.

When my son was in the scouts we got them Mini Maglites. Nothing goes together much better than BSA and Maglites. Two great American traditions. Shame you can't touch the LED minis nowadays for $10 or less. :(

Sipiks are great, but bulky. There’s a million different knockoffs, so be sure to get a good one.
The lights werner linked seem like a better option.
I’ve got a solarforce Z2 in the mail which I’ve heard good things about, but its a little over budget at $17. Same price for the X2.
Take a look at this group buy if you can go with AAAs.

How about Stainless C3s ?
Usually less than $10


Thanks, suncoaster. Haven’t seen it for under 10, yet, but I’ll keep looking.

this might work (I think the ‘group buy’ is over); still under $10, it’s an AAA

if given with either Energizer Lithium AAA primary cells
(they will last a long time and they work in freezing cold weather, which other cells don’t handle well)

or NiMH rechargeables (if a charger is available, maybe exchange charged for discharged cells to teach the habit of not throwing them away)

But don’t use alkaline cells (they will leak, just because they last so long — I’ve had LED flashlights that were still plenty bright after the alkaline cell inside had already gotten so weak it corroded, unlike the old incandescents that got dim while the cell was still in good condition)

And it should go without saying, don’t give them lithium-ion cells (not safe for youngsters, because the worst case of “let’s see what will happen if …” isn’t acceptable).

This is pretty good for 1 AA cell.

This is the Amazon link Sorry !

These do have some QC performed on them and you can easily return if they don't work/break.

Smiling Shark SS-5022 3W LED Mini Flashlight Waterproof Torch 2*AA

Utilitech flashlight. 200 lumens. 3*AAA cells. Perfect light for the Scouts! All 5-star reviews. $8.97 each

The issue with purchasing budget lights from a Chinese vendor as gifts is that sometimes they arrive DOA .So then you have to order more and wait 2-3-4 more weeks or someone goes without or I guess you could order a few extras.
$8.43 XP-E R2
$9.39 XR-E Q5

I'd go for the sk68 1mode (clone). From the above mentioned options they are the cheapest, have the least issues (always had to 'repair' C3's upon arrival, and they had the tail cap covers popping out), the zooming is huge fun for kids, you drop them, you throw with them and they still work, and they come in fun colours! (and they are optically better than the thin zoomie above, but that would be a non- issue for kids). I think the bigger size is actually an advantage for kids: easier to find among their garbage (I assume here that an american scout is also just a kid, or do I underestimate them? ;-) )