High CRI vs High Lumens (and 4000k vs 5000k), what should be my deciding buy-factor? (Sofirn SP36 vs upcoming SP36 Pro)

Hello fellow flashaholics!

I currently own a Sofirn C01S (95 CRI SST20 4000K 100LM) which I carry around everywhere in my small pocket watch/lighter pocket and a SC31 Pro (SST40 5000K 2000LM) which I carry everywhere in my backpack. I want to expand this collection more so I’ve ordered a C8G (now supposedly 5000K, XHP35 HI (?) 2000LM) for throwing duties and a Wurkkos HD20 (LH351D 5000K 90CRI + Cree XP-L HD 5000K 70CRI, 2000LM) because I needed a better headlamp.
Now I also want to get a big floodlight, so at first I was intrigued by the SP36 (4xLH351D 5650LM) with Anduril because I love it on my SC31 Pro. I wanted to get the 4000K (90 CRI?) version. It has come to my attention recently though that Sofirn is working on a new version of this light, the SP36 Pro. It should have 4 SST40 emitters and would be able to produce 8000LM. A 5000K version should be available for purchase.

Because of this I’m torn between the trade-off of having a better CRI and warmer light (old version) versus more lumens and colder light (new version). I’d like to use this floodlight for exploring caves/buildings at night and walking around in fields/forests. What do you guys think? Is high CRI preferred outside or should I choose a slightly brighter light?
Later on I’ll probably also get a LT1 for inside my house or camping so this could certainly fill this high CRI “gap”.


At those brightness levels (8000 lumens vs 5500 lumens) you will notice the CRI much more than you will the difference in brightness. In my experience you are going to need at least double the lumens for it to really seem much brighter. 5500 is just under 70% of 8000, and honestly if you put them on turbo side by side, you would likely be hard pressed to even be able to tell one is brighter.

Just my 2 cents

Yeah I already kinda thought that the extra lumens wouldn’t make that much of a difference and that it would mostly be marketing. I don’t really have a lot of flashlights (yet) to compare those kind of values IRL so thanks for your feedback!

CRI, you won’t notice brightness difference.

I’d choose 4xLH351D at 4000k over 4xSST40 at 5000k any day. It’s just my preference.

it’s a little bit of the tint lottery on each, but a good lh351d is a beautiful thing.

True. I have them in my FW3A.

I would definitely go with LH351D over the 5000k SST40 .Honestly for the SP36 I would go with the 5000k LH351D over the 4000k LH351D as well. They are going to have a bit more output than the 4000k (not a big difference) but the 4000k tend to be super green-tinted, even in comparison to the 5000k which seems to be still green, but less so than the 4000k. They have just as good of color, so for less green + slightly better output, I would stick with the 5000k LH351D

Interesting, I haven’t thought about it that way. I tend to prefer warmer tints and because I saw a picture somewhere comparing the SP36 in the 3 tint variants, I liked the 4000k the best. When I use the SC31 Pro SST40 5000k and compare it to my C01S I feel that I like the warmer tint a bit more. I haven’t used the SC31 Pro that often though so I haven’t noticed the green tinting that much, but thanks for informing me that the LH351D also has green-tint-problems. I’ll have to look up more pictures comparing them all.

And just to confirm, let’s say I was not sure about the emitter but was sure about the 5000k color temperature, you’re saying that I should choose the LH351D because its higher CRI?

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated!

If anyone can point me to some good frontal (beam)shots of the LH351D in 4000k and 5000k that would be really appreciated! I already searched a bit on BLF and Google in general but don’t seem to find good direct comparisons…

Does anyone know when the SP36 Pro and Q8 Pro are due to be released?

Sofirn said the SP36 Pro should start selling at the end of the month on their site (sofirnlight.com)
Waiting for next batch [AMZ US Available Now] $49.99 Sofirn SP36 Anduril Version - #197 by Sofirn

No idea about the Q8 Pro, it’s the first I’ve heard from it!

Thanks for the explanation, makes sense I guess :slight_smile:

I must have hit the tint lottery with my SP36. I’m going to try to post beam shots of mine against a pure white 6000k light so that others can see that not all SP36 are green. BTW, mine was shipped Sept 15, 2020. I am sure they have been through different lots of LEDs through the years, so YMMV.

Much appreciated! You got the 4000k version then I assume? Crap you’re not making it easier for me haha, I suppose I’d prefer 4000k over 5000k but since I just won a giveaway I suppose I won’t win the tint lottery :person_facepalming:

Honestly I would PREFER the 4000k myself if it weren’t so green, but for some more perspective so you can just… you know, ignore my perspective since I’m not you and this is just my opinion. . .

The issue I have with the 4000k LH351D is actually the combination of it’s greenness and the corona when used in reflectors. I haven’t seen the 4000k SP36 in person so with it being a quad emitter it may blend well enough for that not to be a problem.

So honestly, my real opinion is… just get what you want and see if you like it, and if you do then awesome! If you find it too green, I have a lot of Lee 804 minus green filter and would be very willing to just send you a piece to solve the green problem anyway

Aha I see :slight_smile: Yeah I hope I can find some good beamshots of the 4000k/5000k LH351D…
That filter you are talking about (never heard about it, thanks for informing me!), do you apply it over the glass lens? That could indeed be a very good solution to the possible “problem”!

Any idea if/when you’ll be able to post some beamshots :slight_smile: ?

Just send me a PM and I can just drop a piece in the mail for you. And envelope-size piece should do a good number of lights if you end up getting more to use it on. You can just look up “Lee Minus Green” or “Lee Zircon” on here to get more information on it. LH351D + Lee Minus Green 804 is a pretty killer combo for tint/color rendering/output.

Thanks, I’ll look into it :smiley:

I ordered a C8G from the Sofirn website and specifically asked Barry for the new 5000K version as listed on AliExpress. Barry replied that the CW C8G on the Sofirn website is the same product being sold on the AliExpress website listed as 5000K. Seems like there is no C8G in 5000K available and the info on AliExpress is incorrect. Barry was super helpful and I got the light in 9 days though, really nice light just a pity about it being CW. I am thinking about getting a Convoy M21A with SST40 5000K.