High lumen color LED pt54, pt120 phlatlight phatlight

The following is written answer from a recent PM. Thought some of the hunter types or other flashnerds like myself would find of interest.
At the moment no one markets a built flashlight with Luminus Phlatlight (aka Phatlight) color led that I know. There are several Luminus high power color (red,green&blue) some with square emitter some with rectangle. On a regular led flashlight ( square emitter) the center beam of the flashlight with a reflector has a round beam. With an aspherical lens the actual emitter is projected and is square or rectangle depending on shape. The emitters I am using are from projection or certain DLP televisions and are rectangle. Why because they can be found cheaper and are more available. Retail price on a red PT54 is $40 vs $20 for a pull. The PT120 is $100 vs $39 (lucky on Ebay). This green monster will take 30a@4.8v and do 4300 lumens. Do a Google search for “PT54 flashlight” as there are many ways to build. I machine my own heatsinks & have posted a pic on here with my 500S&W Saiga rifle. Almost finished with the Green monster with solid copper heatsink, FET switch and direct drive. Almost anyone can do this with time and internet research. Less than a year ago I couldn’t even spell LED now am a total flashaholic.

Go big or go home, eh?

You, sir, are doing some seriously bright and therefore seriously cool stuff! Do you have a source for aspherics that you can share? Oh, and what kind of cells are you running your little phlat monsters on? IMRs? LiPo-packs from RC-stuff?

Good hunting!

Update… Looking on Luminus and Mouser websites I found a good choice for weapon mounted green led. The green SBT-16 @ $14.95 runs 4a@3.9v with 300+ lumen.
Get the lenses from DX.
Batteries for the monster green are 4 Tenergy premium NiMH D cell honestly rated 10,000+ma. According to Lambda (Mag Guru) fresh off the charger 4 Ds will pull 30a.

Finished the copper heat sink and new clicky switch with mosfet for my PT120 4D direct drive aspherical Green LED Monster. Had to borrow the tail cap and lens from my red PT54 cuz parts have not come. I couldn’t wait. This green led rocks. Gets friggin HOT in 60 seconds even with the huge copper heat sink. Awesome rectagle beam. Makes my STL-V6 XM-l look weak @ 200m. Will try to post pics next week.

I assume the Tenergy NiMH D cells are 1.5V rated. How are you connecting these to the LED?